Few New Guy Questions


This is my first Street Fighter, so I’m new to basically everything. I’ve decided learning too many characters is stupid, so I’m sticking with one main and one solid backup.

However, my backup is giving me trouble, because I can’t figure her out xD

  1. Are there any good chains or combos Chun-li can do from the standing position? (Of course there are. I just don’t know them)
    –Like, from the target combo, things go from there, but when I get in a lucky focus hit, I just don’t know what to do so I grab haha.

  2. Buffering charges. Like, its hard for me. Any suggestions?

  3. Both my characters (Guy/Chun-li) don’t have legit, grounded anti-airs, as far as I am aware. Especially Guy, who I main. Suggestions?

Thanks for your help. Hopefully I’ll stick with this community and get to know the game better. And not break any rules in this post… hopefully :sweat:


When charging for the first time count 1,2 to get the time of the first charge right then when you enter forward hit the button for the attactk, then right after that hit back really fast to enter the charge again. Whatch this vid for help Charge buffering in Street Fighter 4 : EventHubs.com . also go on Super Street Fighter 4 Moves, Characters, Combos and Strategy Guides : EventHubs.com for guides. and you shoud check out dustloop as well

  1. Good combos to know with chun are standing light punch (s.lp)-> s.lp -> standing hard punch (s.hp). Also close standing hard kick -> EX or HK lightning legs is a good punish combo out of a focus crumple.

  2. Not sure what you mean? If you mean retaining and maintaining charge this comes with time; in the beginning it’s important to try and hold a charge slightly longer than is needed to get a feel for how quick/slow you can do a charge move.

  3. Chun has good normals that when used correctly can be great anti airs. The key is to understand when and where to use these normals. Her s.hk and s.mk can be great anti airs, as well as neutral jump hard kick. Also if timed correctly, an EX spinning bird kick will beat many jump ins, but can be beaten by some characters jumping normals. Guy’s ground anti airs are also challenging and the only reliable one I know is his EX spinning kick. It seems to have invincible startup frames and easily auto correct to jump ins. Of course with Guy you should try to train your opponent not to jump by throwing out lp flip throws and trying to do his command air grab to obvious jump ins.


Well I can do charge attacks just fine, its just keeping them buffered while playing normally is the problem.

And what do those things like s.hk/s.mk and s.lp s.hp mean?

I assume hard kick/medium kick and low punch/hard punch? But what is the S for.

And I have a hard time chaining non-target combos as well.

ty Fraust I’ll check um’ out.


The “s.” in s.hk or the like stands for standing. Just like “j.” stands for jumping and “c.” stands for crouching.

I can’t really give you any pointers on the pre-charge thing. Really another user done explained it. You’ll just have to go to training and practice or keep trying it in network battle. You’ll eventually get it.


With Chun anti-airing is quite challenging as has already been stated. There is a post in one of the Chun Li forum stickies that has a comprehensive list of which anti air to use against which character (apologies, I’m at work and can’t find it right now). I’ve also been reading that df.lk is a legit-almost-universal anti-air but I personally still have trouble with the timing. EX SBK is good too but I strongly recommend you don’t rely on it (as I did at the beginning). With Chun you should be getting the following combos down:

  1. c.lk (low kick) > c.lk > EX Legs
  2. close s.hk (high kick) > EX Legs
  3. any starters > s.lp (low punch) > s.hp (high punch) (the far version)
    Anyone else feel free to pitch in of course as I could be combo-retarded.
    Training mode is your friend for the charge buffering. I know it’s been said a gazillion times but it’s the truth.
    I’ve been playing Guy myself lately. Dominate the air with Bushin Flips and air command grab. I haven’t progressed enough with him yet as I am still getting used to his run/stop and general playstyle. Chun is great to get you into the fundamentals and I highly recommend you put more focus on her. You’ll learn how to poke and do footsies very effectively. Also, keep checking out the Chun Li forums. The regulars and pros posting there are great and there’s always great info. Have fun!


After dash forward from level 2 or 3 focus: Up Kicks Target Combo (b.mk, mk, d, u, mk), charge down, EX SBK


So the light punch to hard punch is an actual chain? I can never get the timing down lol.

And what did you say is the universal anti-air? I didn’t understand the abbreviation lol.


Down-forward, light kick. or :df: :lk:

Standing MK is also a good anti-air.


Guy’s AA are pretty situational, I only used him for a spell before moving on to Dudley but from what I recall blocking and FA will be your friend when you don’t have EX to use for his spinning kick.


So the down-forward light kick beats out hard kick jumpins?

Dat would be cool.


I’m sure it depends on the opponent’s character, among other circumstances. I haven’t deliberately used it as an AA, but it’s come out on fluke and worked to my benefit.


Guy has excellent anti-airs. One thing he’s actually really good at.

For far distance use st.HK or you can try Bushin Flip>Grab for big damage. st.HK is far the better option though.

For mid distance use cr.MK. This lowers your hitbox avoiding the hit and trips them.

For close distance use LK.Bushin Senpu Kyaku or EX if you have meter to spare.


Chun Anti airs

far s.RH for far jump ins
far s.FP for medium range jumps <— your favorite button in the boxer and honda matchup
s.forward for close jumps
d/f short <-- pretty universal if counter hit OR TRADE can juggle with ex legs or ultra or a combo of both.

Hit box shennanigans anti airs.

cr.strong goes under many jump ins and if timed properly will hit.
cr.forward same thing as above <------ great against viper flame kicks and getting out of sagat block strings as it goes under tiger knee.


Ghostly_Virus: Just so there’s no confusion, I was talking about Chun Li, not Guy.