Few newbie questions with execution


So I’m VERY new to fighting games. I’ve played them casually button mashing before on some games but never seriously until now. I’ve gotten some of the basics down in SFV, Guilty Gear Xrd, Mortal Kombat X, with just picking up Tekken 7 with it coming out recently. The current issue I’m running into is performing special moves that require hold back → forward → attack, such as most of M Bisons moves as well as Mays Mr Dolphin move in GG. I’m just not getting the timing correct on this. For M Bisons moves in particular I find it difficult as his moves like psycho blast do not go very far and I end up moving too far back to hit. Mays is easier but I still can’t pull it off quickly. Any suggestions or have a guide for me to look at to help with this?

The other execution question I have is in regard to the trails for SFV. Trying to go through the first round of trials with Cammy as she is the character I have practiced the most/enjoy her specials. The issue I’m running into is the dummy is blocking my moves after a certain point. I read that the dummy blocks if you do not perform it quick enough but I seem to be going as fast as I can. Any tips for this as well? I don’t think I’m going particulary slow or anything so I’m a bit confused where to go from here.

Thanks for any help you can give to a newbie!


Charge-Characters require a different approach mechanically. You should be charging constantly when ever you can. First off, “hold back” works also if you “hold down-back”, which is basically block crouching. This means you aren’t moving, defending and charging for your special at the same time. You can also charge while jumping, or performing a combo. Try to get used to that.

For the trails it always helps to take a look at the demonstrations.


Charge characters’ combos generally will provide you with time to charge, especially when jump-ins are involved as you can hold down-back during the jump. You don’t want to be literally charging all the time, as this limits your mobility. Also, many charge characters have moves that’ll provide them mobility even when they’re charging, like Guile’s knee bazooka and sobat kick.

It depends on what part of the combo they’re blocking. For example, Cammy’s trial #4 goes j.HP s.MP s.HP xx Cannon Spike. The most common place to mess up that combo (where the dummy will start blocking) is when you do s.MP into s.HP. This sequence of attacks is known as a link. Links are when you do one attack and have to wait for it to end entirely before inputting the next attack. Links work because the initial attack causes enough hitstun (the period of time after you hit your opponent during which they cannot take any actions, including blocking) to allow you to connect a follow-up attack. If they’re blocking during one of these links, then you’re missing the timing of the link (pressing the button too late). SF5 links are generally really easy, since there’s a 3-frame buffer for links in the game (basically giving you a bigger window to connect a follow-up attack). For these, you just have to find the correct timing to press the next button after the attack, and practice it. Don’t try to mash out links, practice the timing.

Now, in the same trial (Cammy’s #4) also asks you to do s.HP xx Cannon Spike. If they block the Cannon Spike then you’re not special cancelling correctly. A proper special cancel is done by doing the special move (Cammy’s Cannon Spike) as the normal attack is hitting, subsequently cutting off the animation for that attack and immediately triggering the special move. If you don’t special cancel, then there won’t be enough time to connect the follow-up.

Also, it’d help if you said exactly what trial you were having difficulty with, and what part(s) of said trial.


That’s a great explanation. Really helpful, thanks!