Few Noob Questions


Alright, so I’m just now getting into fighting games. I just bought SFxT a few days ago and I am really liking it. I just have a few questions.

  1. Will there be a future to this game, or should I switch to SFIV/(insert FG)
  2. I am LOVING the tekken style combos of Kazuya and Jin, are these unique among the Street Fighter franchise, or are there comparable combos in other games?
  3. I have no idea how to synergize teams. Pretty much I have been experimenting with anyone + Kazuya. I have been playing Kazuya point and Rufus anchor to some success, but I just do way better as Kazuya than anyone else. I feel like I need someone with a projectile as point, so would Ryu/Raven + Kazuya be better than Kazuya + Rufus?


I am also not able to do some of the longer jungle combos that I have seen in some videos, any help is welcome.


Even though this a SF game, it isn’t a staple to have a projectile user since most of the Tekken cast has some form of getting around them with mist step/special step. You just need to take some time and practice if you want that synergy, good team composition. The game lets you play whatever style you like the most. Want to rush shit down? practice Kazuya or Ryu, want a more patient style? play Guile or Dhalsim, want a more footsie focused style? Can’t go wrong with Nina or Vega.

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I’m definitely a rush-down player. Mist step > uppercut to the tekken 5 hit combo is my bread and butter right now. I’m sure I’m utterly terrible compared to anyone with experience in fighting games, but I was able to beat arcade on normal the second day of ever playing a fighting game (Don’t tell me that sucks, I choose to believe its impressive XD). I have been having luck with Akuma at anchor. I can combo into his super art really well now, but he seems like a risky character. Rufus also seems like at good rushdown type.


Also, I just got to play SSFIV for a little while… I don’t see why people like it more than SFXT, the combos aren’t as fun, no awesome tag combos, comeback mechanic is both good and bad, and it just seems like a lot less action. Again, I’m probably way off on that, but coming from someone new to the genre, I feel like I can start having fun in SFXT much faster.


Well we all have 2 take baby steps at one point or another. Since you seem to be such a Kazuya fan, step into his character forum section and see what knowledge you can soak up. And SF4 is pretty much the closest thing to a new gen SF2 so some get the nostalgia rush of when they use to play it back in the day, and others just like the competitive nature that SF4 brought back for them. I like SFxT more than SF4 personally myself since it has that unfamiliar territory since I barely know anything about Tekken.

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Exactly what cruz said; check out the kazuya topic for advice on him as well as what characters partner best with him. If there is not already one, and you think it would help beginners like you, I am planning to write a small guide on team synergy, the general types of characters, and what to look for when making a team. I can likely have it up by tomorrow night if people would welcome it.

As for it surviving, that is up to people like you to decide. As long as people give it a chance and enjoy it it will live on, and of course the balance patch coming this month will help too.

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I think the problem is the community more than the game, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to tell a lot yet. Another question, I just bought a USB Sega Saturn controller… if anyone else uses one, do you use your right thumb most of the time or do you use your fingers like it was an arcade setup?


Ok, after playing online… I know why everyone hates this game.


Wait, why? I enjoy the online aspect, myself.