Few pages

Hi, all… Well, I havent been arond long enough to be called “new” here…So here are the pages:

i hope u like 'em. Any crits and advises - welcome :smiley:

Excellent artwork! I love the vivid colours but the lighting seems a tad inconsistent…

Page 1 last panel - Why is the curtain thread that dark? Looks like it is right next to him. Light should totally illuminate to give a sense of air inbetween.

Second page last panel. Where is he throwing th sword to? It looks like he is throwing it to the samurai looking character on the floor, but why the top view?

Third page is where I don’t get the action at all. Are there more than one demon characters jumping through this roof? If not that demon guy has a lot of different view shots. If there are multiple demons jumping in, you should have established more red eyes from the previous page to let us know there are many coming.

Panel 7 page 3 - How come the demons arms are hanging like that? I just seen the samurai pull out his sword and thats it.

Third page 4th panel. The closer a character is to the camera the more saturated and darker the values become. Right now all I can see is the demons head and thats it. Loses alot of visual weight and I am left feeling no impact of what is to come.

Overall this is very very good, but your storytelling needs to read clearer. Like the colors and mood. 10 times better than your previous comic pages. Great job man. 4 out of 5 stars bro. Can’t wait to see more.

the last page kicks ass

Thank u people, I am glad u like it.
SFMC, after the crits u made i am not sure that i wil show anything anymore:rofl: U really kick my ass all over the place every time i show up:looney: But ur words are true and usefull. Thanks.

Sat haha trust me my words mean no harm whatsoever. If I give advice I am only trying to help and also means I take your art very seriously. For real man I love your art.

Srk gives good advice. There are times when they rip my stuff up also. That’s all part of the process to become more than what you are. I get my stuff ripped everyday at work, but that will help me get better. All in all great job and please post more. We need good people like you in this forum.

amazing stuff man, I hope you post more.