Few question about the Astro city

anyone already tried to plug the xbox 360 on the astro city?

  • Look good at least like a normal tv? or just go with hd screen? ssf4

I just want to buy a candy cabinet for plug my xbox360 on it, any recommendation?

The seller told me Astro, Blast city, Egret 2-3, are all the same screen only the casing is not same? true or false?

Or I should stick with my HD tv for playing xbox360?

Thanks in advance.
and sorry for my very bad english.


there are different resolutions on all screens. The one that comes in a NEW astro city are dual sync, while a blast city are trisync and can do resolutions up to 640. They also have a vga connection.

hiya tomle , yes i have converted my New Astro City to run XBOX360 it runs in 480i mode not in HD. Compared to a Normal CRT TV it looks better on the Astro as the CRT in my Astro is better quality.

I have converted these Consoles to run , Sega Saturn , Dreamcast , PS1 , PS2 , XBOX360 , Gamecube , and Wii

Thats a yes and no answer , some Cabs have been tinkered with and had the Original CRT Monitor taken out and replaced with a different one. If you do decide to get a Cab make sure it has its Original Monitor in it or at least a decent replacement.

Checkout my video of Virtua Tennis 2 running on my Astro , its a 320x240 Video so dont Full Screen it.


I have both blast city and astro ,blast is pretty easy to convert if you can find a good one with a jamma loom with rca jacks but the picture is kinda noisy at 31 and the picture is more of a dot matrix than scanlines the astro has scanlines but requires a couple of items to hook it up.asrto city can run an xbox 360/dreamcast/ps 3 etc. but you will need to put padhack pcbs in and use something called a capcom i/o (takes care of audio rca and video vga) and a super emotia extron scan converter (turns a 480i signal to 15z. for crt) pm me and i can give you a good deal on both of those items . to be totally honest ssf4 looks like shit if it is not in high def and seems weird in 4:3 to me but other games like marvel and deathsmiles look really good with scanlines on the crt in the astro at 15 but look like pixelated turd on blast city 31. if your cab is mainly for ssf4 I would suggest just grabbing a vewlix kit from kray but if you want to play sprite based games the astro is very pretty. good luck

Can you guys do a clean detail write-up on exactly what someone would need to play consoles on their Astro Cab. Im also in the process of buying a New Astro City & Kray vewlix kit.


New Astro City
*Capcom I/0 - $$$$
*VGA cord - $$$$
*Hack PCB pads - $$$$

Thanks for all info guys!

@zenblaster Did you try MAME on astro city? How the game look like the real “Arcade”?. I play alot of puzzle and shmups game on it.

I would also love a New Astro City cab, but I don’t see the sense it paying the same amount in shipping for the cab itself. Does anyone know where to get one on the East Coast? I tried Craigslist and could only find Astro cargo vans…

get a blast city or egret 3 (I believe) or sega naomi…

astro looks shitty 'cos of interlacing…
and you need to make a pain in the ass converter to even get the image on the screen…

this is what I have and if you want to run ps3 or vga, avoid (imho)…

things with a 31khz screen (cabs listed above) you can use a vga cable for the picture and pad hacks for the sticks…
easiest solution…

Contact Ken @ The Game Room: contact

The site isn’t updated much, but just give him a call. He’s in Utah, but his shipping is quite reasonable. I paid $250 to ship an Astro City from UT to MO and $450 for the cab itself. Not a bad deal at all.

Ken is good, I was at his house the other day paying for my Net City cab. He ships cheap and his cabs are good. You’ll get a faster response if you call him. He has a garage full of Net, Astro, Blast and other candy cabs. No Vewlix though, too expensive for him.

thats a sweet price, I will give Ken a try. Thanks guys for the heads up!

Are there any advantages between the different City models, Astro,Blast,Net. So far it looks like Blast city is Vga friendly, anything else that distinguish from one another (besides whats been mentioned in the first 10 posts)?

yes i have used mame on an astro city at 15 and a blast city at 31, the astro looks fine at 15 but the blast looks shitty and pixelated at 31 with mame.at 15 you get scanlines and at 31 you dont. this article should help SCANLINES DEMYSTIFIED - Regain Scanlines on filtered and upscaled videogames also I will do a write up on putting consoles in candy cabs for you and post it here in the tech talk,just give me a few days.

I ordered an Astro city from Ken at 710 shipped to the DC (He used Estes). If you have it curbside delivered tack on another 150-200 dollars, so if the DC is near your house and you have a truck that it can fit it’s better to just pick it up there.

I checked map quest and you’re close to two hours from my house, so shipping should be similar in price.

DC? Distribution Center?

Hey zen, I have a blast with a 360 hooked up to it via VGA. I have a little noise in the display as well. Do you have any remedies for that?

Yes sir

Thanks man, I will try and use that trick…