Few Questions about SFxT

I haven’t been following the game that closely but I am interested it. I’ve always liked Tekken characters but prefered 2d fighters so this is awesome to me, but there are a few things I am unsure of.

Is it more like SF4 or MvC3? I know it’s not exactly like either but it’s gotta be closer to one than the other.

I respect SF4 but I could never get into it, I like MvC3 but I don’t like how long some of the combos are where I just have to sit there and watched my character be destroyed, especially re-launch combos I find those very annoying.

I do like the way combos work in MvC3 though, not as strict timing, easier to combo into supers and stuff like that.

So which is SFxT more like, and based off what I’ve said does it sound like, in your opinion, I would enjoy this game?

Chain combos, though we don’t exactly know how long the combos are going to be.

Sorry not to familiar with the terminology, are chain combos like MvC3? That’s my best educated guess. As for how long they’re going to be, I guess no one will know that without the game being out but the gameplay videos I’ve seen they don’t seem too long. Doesn’t mean people won’t find a way to make them long if possible but I feel pretty comfortable seeing that.

Chain combos are attacks that cancel into other attacks at a quick pace. Your opponent needs to hit by consecutive attacks for a combo. The opponent is hit? He/She enters a hit-stun/ hurt animation. If you attacks during the hit-stun, that means you already have a two hit combo. If you playing as someone like Ryu for example, doing chain combo would mean performing a crouching LP, another crouching LP, a crouching MP, and then a crouching a MK. The player can also cancel MK for Ryu’s Hadouken to finish the combo.

Speaking of STxT and chain-combos… You heard of Darkstalkers? There is a game mechanic known as weak-to-strong combos. Weak-to-strong combos basically involve pressing the LP, MP, and then HP for a quick three hit combo. This also makes it possible to do a LP, LK, MP, MK, HP and then a HK for a good simple combo. (This was also put on showcase in SFIII3rdStrike)
All SF characters inSFxT utilize this function, as well as air combos.

The Tekken characters will have the majority of their predetermined moves. It also appears that the Tekken characters will be more likely to perform consecutive juggles as well. SF characters having actual weak to strong combos is meant for counteracting the Tekken characters for having 60 or more moves in their arsenal. SF characters will utilize air combos to contradict Tekken characters juggling combos.

Quite sure you can’t cancel from a punch to a kick of the same strength in SFxT.

I think it will be more similar to SF4 with the chain combos of MvC. That’s my guess but I havent played it so I may be wrong…

I was only going by SFIII3S experiences from dip-switch options (I never actually played Darkstalkers despite being aware of its game mechanics). I also doubt if you can do this in SFxT, with characters only being able to cancel a LP into a MK and so on.