Few questions


Are they any players who don’t use the ‘Team Trenchcoat’ setup? I don’t. In vanilla, I used Wesker, and that was it. Now in UMvC3 I use Dante. Other than that, I use different characters. xD

Like, for instance, my new team is Shuma, Jill, and Deadpool. Any tips with this team? I dont really wanna drop any of them cause I like them, and they kinda work well for me. xD

Also, what character do you groan at when you see ingame?


Eh, don’t feel like giving team advice right now; but I’ll give you the order and assists I think are best. Sadly I don’t know too much about Shuma, he’s the only character that I don’t have. But I think his mystic ray assist OTG’s, and Jill needs an OTG assist. Not sure if it would work properly though.

Try Jill(arrow kick)/Shuma(mystic ray)/Deadpool(katana-rama or quick work)

I and many others on this site don’t use Team Trenchcoat A.K.A two derp characters and Dante. It’s unoriginal and distasteful in my opinion.

I get a tad worried when I see Cap. I groan when I see Wolverine. I cry when I see Vergil.


I would say put Jill on Point and have the Deadpool Otg assist and Shumas Mystic Ray. That actually isn’t that bad of a team since Deadpool is a good second and is amazing with Mystic Ray. I use Shuma anchor so I wholeheartedly believe in that character as an anchor.


Please use the one and only team-building thread for these types of questions: