Few Questions


Got a few questions i need worked out,

  1. Is the arcade speed faster than the training speed? Whenever i PTF in the arcades i am doing it too fast(maybe its just my addrenaline[sp]).

  2. In Namonaki’s Bison vid/Recent SBO tournament, i saw Bison activate on Chun/Akumas jump ins with a s.mp followed by DP+HP - For Gunters vid, Bison sj’s up and activates followed by lk’s i believe… Anyways, after the activation they go on with the PTF CC, but when i tried it in training/friend they’d just bounce away… What’s going on??

any help would be appreciated - thanks.

  1. arcade timing is a bit different, but i would say its a little slower in the arcade then on console.

  2. hmmm not sure which one your talking about, but you can also activate on a jump in, then do s.mp, dp + lp, scissor kick… and go on from there. You could maybe just try dp + lp, it doesn’t bounce the opponet away as much i believe.


hmm ill need to try #2, but i dont think it works becuase when they bounce away, they have something like invincibility frames??? im not sure.

on #1, i dont mean the actual arcade, either player 1 arcade on the console, or when your playing at home with a friend.

heheh the one i mentioned in number 2 works for sure, cuz its the one i use, and i learned it from watching the japanese vids. Its his normal anti-air custom. Its a little bit difficult at first, but after a little bit you should get the hang of it. Make sure you do it when they jump close in on you, don’t activate too early or the dp + lp will not connect. cc, s.mp, dp + lp, scissor kick, st.rh, scissor kick, to the corner, ptf.


hey, i just tried it. wow this CC is perfect, its easy, and its very effective, draw them in and CC. But i still dont know how to juggle someone from the air

ie: rugal does his air qcf+p, u sj. activate, lk, mk, mk, mk, then you cant follow up from there.