Few quick questions

1 can Gouki use a sweep to punish Chun li’s wiffed low forward and stand strong on reaction?

2 Can Yun always reversal jab dash punch gouki’s blocked sweep from max distance?

3 when is it a better idea to reversal a denjin with messatsu gou hadou rather than a teleport?

4 does gouki have any moves that link off of far mp other than forward or roundhouse tasu?

5 which hurricanes will hit chun crouching ( i assume all will wiff if she crouch blocks)?

6 is there any way to stop super freezes from fucking up a jiro demon?

3- Sounds purely preferential (<- non-word?). Interesting nonetheless.
4- Fierce Fireball maybe. I usually go for more normals after it. Sometimes I use for resets (yeah I’m gangsta) into demon flip bs.
5- MK HK
6- I think not

  1. For stand MP, yes. Crouch MK, i can’t say(too lazy to try).
  2. If kara’ed, i think he always can.
  3. If your demon is done up to the direction forward, you can finish it after the freeze if you are FAST.

the rest is covered by Jida’s post.

excuse my ignorance but jiro demon?

Use search

  1. Remember sa1 doesn’t have the quickest startup in the world, so if the denjin is gonna be right on you when you wake up, probably better just to teleport. I always teleport because your super is going to be like 2 hits by the time it gets through the denjin.

just adding a couple of teleport stuff questions…

1.- how should I do the teleport when I’m getting the aegis freeze in between the teleport motion? should I continue as if nothing has happened?
2.- when i get hit when trying to teleport away when im getting up, thats just me not getting the timing well? or does meaty hits stop teleport?

And just something wanna add/question
I get a lot of akuma vs necro matches in my local arcade, and necro’s drill kicks are just too anoying and i though it was hardly punishable, but I just find out that if I parry the drill’s first hit and do a hk.tatsu (it does 2 hits, first and last kick) i could do a dash hp.shoryu or just standing hp (even another hk.tatsu), And i was wondering on what other characters can i do that (parrying a jumpin into that combo)?

If you execute the teleport correctly, you should get through it fine. That being said, trying to continue the motion after the super flash fucks you up is nearly impossible for me, so I would say unless you can get that down REALLY well, just go for block. You could also start to learn parry into teleport, which I know works against projecticle supers, and I’m pretty sure it works against aegis.

the HK tatsu juggle for two hits then dash up and follow with more crazy shit works on almost everyone depending on what height the first hit of the tatsu hits. I use this as an anti air against everyone. I use jab which they usually parry, then the hurricane which usually gets them.

Chun low forward CAN be sweeped on reaction, but you have to be in a very dangerous range. Need fast reactions.

Meaty hit never stops teleport. You are messing up the timing. As for when Aegis freeze interrupts your motion… my personal advice is dont try to finish the teleport and just block.

As for Necro’s drill kick, just make sure you hit him BEFORE he touches the ground since the move has zero recovery.