Few simple questions

yo, I was wonder a few things so I made an account here I have a few simple questions that dont belong to one part of the forum so ill post them here if thats allright

-how do you create and unblockable?
-how do you tag out into an assist attack?
-how do you create a command grab?
tips appreciated

Get a low-hitting attack and a high-hitting attack, and make them land at the same time. This can be achieved with low/high-hitting assists.

You mean switch to another character on your team? Hold down an assist button.

A command grab is just a throw that requires an input, as opposed to :f:/:b: + :h:. You don’t “create” them.

when it comes to the assist I mean how do you switch a character into that characters assist attack that was chosen

You mean a crossover counter? While blocking an attack, hold foward and press the assist you want to tag in. Costs 1 bar of meter.

You mean Crossover Counters?

In blockstun, do :f: + :a1:/:a2:.

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alrite, ill remember what a crossover counter is thx

Also, check out the MvC3 guide. :slight_smile: