Few sticks for sale


Wireless Street Fighter II Anniversary Stick ps3 , Happ Competion buttons and Joystick
Charges via cord on the bottom, little snap on part to cover cord is missing
Have the box only with it (no manual or psoter)
120 shipped Pics later tonight

The King of Fighters XII ps3 mint complete 25 shipped
The Orange Box ps3 Mint complete 16 shipped
Fight Night Round 3 Mint Complete 16 shipped
Virtua Fighter 5 ps3 Mint Complete 16 shipped
Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga ps3 Mint Complete 13 shipped


Where are you located? Do you also have the box for the GGXX stick?


Damn, I remember when I first saw that GGXX stick. I still wish I could buy one of those, good luck with the sale (if Markman doesn’t buy it).


Maryland and fraid not, stick only




Added Mayflash


Great deal on the Mayflash. Is it in top condition and do you still have the box for it?


Pmed about mayflash. I hope you got it.


added red octane


Mayflash still available?


PM’d about mayflash. Pics on the red octane?


added SF stick


dibbs on the SF2 stick pending pics. I hope.


pictures added


friend that I was calling dibbs for bailed on me. sigh up for grabs. and gl with your sale.


PM sent on the Red Octane


if the octane doesn’t fall through with ^^ holla at me. i’ll take it. thanks!


GG stick deal fell through so its back up


GG stick sold, Wireless SF still available