Few Things I Noticed About Street Fighter 2 World Warrior Arcade & Other SF Beta Stuff


Wasn’t 100% sure where to put this. So if this is in the wrong spot sorry about that. And I’ll know the next time I post something like this.

But was I reading up on the making of Street Fighter 2 and how the character designs changed. I know Zangief had what appeared to be a tank top on?

Then I just really started to notice that part actually made it to the final version in a way.

It’s in his mug shot vs pick but not on his sprite. Wonder why this wasn’t ever fixed in the first few arcade versions?
Anyone know why it’s this way? Just a leftover?

Then there’s Chun-Li’s mug shot pic where she has a orange color but her sprite it’s blue:

And the cutting room floor shows there was more to Ken’s & Chun-Li’s stage that you don’t normally see because of the way it’s layered too: https://tcrf.net/Street_Fighter_II

There’s a giant trash can & sign you don’t see in Chun-Li’s stage. And a big assed chain for the boat? in Ken’s. Plus I know after world warrior I believe they removed that palm tree from Sagat’s stage too. Also Cammy being named Sarah as there’s that name in the SSF2 Arcade Data?

Was just a lot of this stuff a easier way to hide it because it looked bad in the game? A hint at a big change made last minute? Just always found this stuff interesting. Like the magazine cover with that “Street Fighter Legends” (Alpha) logo. I think that was EGM.


Pretty sure just content that was cut or changed at the last minute


I am pretty sure he has a tank top in every portrait in every version. It’s just early capcom jank.