Few Tricks



a few tricks with Sak. most prolly know about but…who knows, you might not :smokin:


hope it’s help…if at ALL lol…sorry if i’m :lame:


It’s an interesting idea crossing over them with shouken before they wake up. You don’t find that you keep getting stuffed by people who wake up attacking?

ps: I also have to turn off backgrounds to play on PC - I feel your pain :razzy:


lol cheers to that brother…srk char will tend to do it on wake up but i block and punish and they stop…or they throw then i neutral jump and punish with n. jump hk , c. mk xx shouken n they stop tryin do anything and let me mix up lol

edit: maybe pc players r more… dare i say “noob” so these things work, i’ve never got a chance to play ps3 or xbox 360 : ( plus the last 2 tricks are the one i do alot…i tend to get them all the time : )


Yeah I guess it’s the same with all mixups. I was mainly thinking of Boxers who wake up jabbing (the bastards). hehe. I’ll certainly be giving it a go to see what I think :tup:


boxers so far…i play defensive and it’s way ezy…ex tatsu beats there ex dash punches, c. hp can handle all there jump ins, and c. mk xx shouken totally dominate them…boxers r boring

edit: then again i might not be playin with great boxers…if so then i am sorry : (


It’s ok - I doubt wakeup mashed jabs are particularly high level play despite how stupidly effective they are (against me at least). :arazz:


That is cool trick.
Thank you InTheSak.


Cool vid! How did you make the training centre black? Is that on PC?

Anyway, I used to do the lk shunpu cross but I long forgot about that. I’ll start using it with your lp shou too. Every little helps. You are not lame at all.


I don’t know why you’d do a c.HK so close though, punishable on block and much better options.

Quick get-up on Shou would ruin those too :frowning: I tend to walk forward a bit after Shous and see if they get up quick or not, if they do then whatever if not then I’ll set up a cross-up attempt.

Something I’ve been thinking about on the EX Shunpuu reset is a s.MP or s.HP xx Otoshi, they’ll land right before you can smack them with the Otoshi but I think it’d just be too easy to react to and block :confused:


i use the jab dp trick very very cautiously. it is tricky indeed, but is highly suspect to reversal or throw. that’s why i dont use the crossover hk trick too often(plus they need to do quick recovery). if you use it just every once in a while, it usually catches even good players off guard(like i did vs gootecks in the 5on5). use sparringly!

other problem is the dp tricks you show, you rely on the person not doing quick recovery. if you start your shenanigan and he gets up fast, you might have just gotten your dp blocked. however, its easy to jab dp, like my short hk trick, in the corner immediately after knockdown if they are gonna quick recovery. and if they dont quick recovery, you just end up in the corner and hes still laying on the ground.

plus, those juggles into short hk where you stay in front of the opponent is super obvious, even more obvious that it isnt gonna crossup, you are asking them to kill you.

good vid tho

theres other tricks that she has, i dont think other people have found yet. atleast i havent seen anyone talk about or make vids. maybe ill make a vid sometime


I agrizzle.

I’ve used the juggle into short hk, but I use it to bait people. If they don’t do anything, it’s either a (tick) throw, or blockstring of my choice.

The main problem with this mixup is that it’s very evident in your video that even if the person doesn’t fast getup, he can reversal DP fadc rape, which is a risk not worth taking when it comes to Sak. Keeping them in the mixup is key, and risking it for something that is one of her more obvious crossups is way too risky.


Please do make a vid!
This is what we’re here for isn’t it!? For the scrubs and the average to learn from the best and for the best to educate the scrubs and the average.