Few Viper Questions

I’ve got a few questions about Viper, mainly from watching Uryo play.

I’ve seen him do HP.TK and FA Dash forward??, is he SJCing it and dashing forward, as he’s doing it meterless?? i’ve tried it but it’s never worked out.

About SJCed Burning Kick timing. When i do :d::db::l::hk::uf: it’s only 50/50 did it take you guys a while to get this down. If i either do a Super jump and then Burning kick after it i prolly get the same success rate, probably higher, or if i do the weird motion of :d::db::uf::l::hk: I can do it nearly 100% of the time but this motion seems just wrong, but maybe it isn’t. Just curious about this as getting this down perfectly will help my viper game so much.

Edit: About the TK maybe it’s just trade dashing forward, couldn’t tell with the crappy video quality.

There was no reason to make this thread, next time post in the quick questions section. :]

Nope, you can’t SJC FADC HP TK. As for your BK motion, do which ever one allows you to do it more consistently.