Fez Creator says "Gamers are the Worst F***ing People"

:coffee: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve been hype for Fez for a year, but if Fantastic Mr Fish over here doesn’t knock it off, I’ll find another game to support.

It’s the same guy who basically said “japanese games are shit, I won’t tell you why I think that but if you don’t agree, you’re a fucking moron” right?

Yeah… It makes me sad that he’s from Quebec, giving us a terrible name u_u

I honestly think some Japanese games are starting to be shit these days, at least on the rpg side. y u no good anymore Final Fantasy?! I guess Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect ect spoiled people. also Nintendo needs to get with the times and stop crapping out uninspired rehash after rehash with dinosaur technology.

sorry for punctuation on phone

It is that same asshole, yes. I don’t judge y’all based on the one dude, though :rofl:

Well, not buyin’ any of his games.

lol, can’t wait to play Fez. Fez hype thread?

Fish: “See?! I insult my consumer base, and they say they won’t buy my game! What a bunch of pricks!”

He’s not far from the truth though…

Should be “Gamers can’t read or think for themselves, and should probably die”.

Read the quote. The full quote. With its surrounding context. You fucking morons.

I’ll be honest: I’m still pumped. Looks fantastic. Guy just needs to zip it :rofl:

Maybe so…but still, it’s in poor taste to say outlandish shit like that, you know?

That’s not the point.The remarks he made in a setting like that were totally uncalled for and downright disrespectful for no reason.

Lol I’m not even mad.He and those guys at Ninja Theory forget we are the guys who can turn their
dream jobs into nightmares literally at the drop of a dime.

I think it’s funny you shit on FF (Rightfully so) but then name drop Elder Scrolls (glitchy, shoddy, horrific coding by people who clearly don’t care about making games that run right) and Mass Effect (A series that has become less and less an RPG with each new game).

I dunno, just struck me as kinda funny.

And if he thinks gamers are the worst fucking people then he needs to turn his computer off and go the fuck outside. Gamers are childish and immature at times but they’re still a long way off from being politicians, murderers, muggers, rapists ect ect.

Frankly getting so angry at gamers reactions to his comments show’s he’s no better then those he chastises. What a child.

His name still sounds like a Tuna Brand.

Elder Scrolls is pretty true to what RPGs are .Its like a tabletop rpg with less mouthbreathers

I’m not saying Elder scrolls isn’t an RPG tho. I’m saying it’s a horribly coded series that is plagued with glitches, crashes and over all tons of errors that keep the games from working right. That equals a bad game in my eyes. Skyrim doesn’t even work right on PS3. Bethesda makes breath taking betas.

I’m aware of the glitchiness, but I never had the game breaking ones. just more or less the quirky/amusing ones. i guess I’m fortunate

Whatever happened to Canadians being nice people? D:

Oh well, I’m sure he’ll do just fine with his “generic indie platformer that will always live in Cave Story’s shadow #355”.

I think I know why he hates Japanese games, he sucks at them so they suck in his eyes. LOL

Not nice =/= Canadian. He’s an anomaly, he does not represent Canada in any shape or form.

>hipster glasses
>scumbag beard
>said japanese games are shit

yeah im not taking his opinion seriously