FF 13 help


i’m stuck on hunt 47 - faultwarren E3 - Raktavija. I have my characters maxxed in all their main roles. My Normal Party set up is Light Snow Hope in a COM- MED - SEN set up. that failed miserably. I found out that it really only casts magic so i set my accessories to defend against it. I can get about 5-10 rounds in with hates then my whole party usually gets one shotted. I’ve tried setting all 3 to RAV and trying to build up the chain to knock it’s armor off but 1 multicast and i have to jump all 3 to MED and heal before the next attack. by the time i swap back to RAV the chain is gone. I tried COM - RAV -RAV to slow down the chain from falling but then it just doesnt build fast enough. Then i tried the death trick but after about 30 min of failing that i just happen to hit the info button and see that it’s immune to death. i am stumped. everyone that i’m using’s magic is over 1000 and hope’s is over 2000. the only mob i’ve fought that’s harder than this is Adamantoise. anyone have any ideas?


did you search for the Final Fantasy 13 thread?


haven’t played this game in a while but you should take out snow for fang. those three are top tier lol.


Throw the game in the garbage. That will help.


There is an FF13 thread mate, you should’ve searched and asked in there, at any rate, you could’ve watched some vids on YT-
YouTube - 47 Raktavija
I personally forgot how I beat these marks, but you should utilize Sabs in this battle.


sorry i didnt know there was a ff13 thread… i just beat it using the youtube vid. i did a google search but didnt think about youtube. thanks tho!