FF 3/14 Results

Family Fun 3/14 CvS2, 3s, 3s Teams Results

CvS2 Singles

3rd Strike Singles

3rd Strike 3on3 Ratio Teams

  1. pyrolee : yun
    jon milan : urien
    meecrob : dudley

  2. frankie3s : ken
    nate : yang
    windyman : ken

  3. barry : urien
    asian alex : chun
    jose 2.0 : makoto

  4. jeff : yun
    marvin : urien
    paulee : chun

  5. tony parker : ken
    jose lixo : ken
    mutant xp : necro

  6. trevor : alex, black dave : hugo, big john : necro
    professor : dudley
    ken i : chun

  7. leland : ken
    saizo : makoto
    amir : chun

  8. shogo : twelve
    mikemenace : hugo
    5 star china : ken

great turnout, thanx to everyone that came out to make my first tourney good. hope to see u all next week

if anyone needs a correction on there apex, let me know

GG’s to everyone!
Barry stop owning me up :frowning:
see everyone next week

did Franki3S switch to Ken? I ask because this is like the third tournament in a row that he use him

Didn’t even know there was a tourny. :frowning:

Ugh, stupid Apex. my nick is WindyMan, not Windyman. If you could fix that, that would be swell. Why is it so case sensitive like that?

Yi, if you want me to help run CvS2 again, it’s no problem.

I got video of 12 matches, I should have them up on “Finest KO dot com” by Wednesday, so look out for them!

yeah gj yi

thanx guys, hope to see u all again next weekend, i updated the thread for march 21st, so check it out

kingraoh and company, where were u guys for my first tourney? im disheartened :frowning: :lol: :frowning:

Sorry Leland and Saizo for losing so bad.
I should have been a ratio 2 or somthing.

thanks WindyMan.

holy! Why don’t I know anything about this Isreal guy? His execution is right on.