FF Question

Why was Fatal Fury 1 was so popular when Samsho 2 was so much better?


why did you make this thread?

because sam sho was not in fact better than SF2

also i suppose he made this thread to get his rep bar back to full red

What oh what are you talking about, nothingxs? You mean SS2, correct?

Or maybe he wants to be banned?

samsho 2 sucks fyi

SamSho 5>all :looney:


SamSho 5 SPECIAL > alot

Why isn’t this kid banned yet?


http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=133149 < Topic is discussed at length.

Seriously, there is already a SS thread where you can ask any questions there, a SNK thread where the almighty DG will gladly find answers to any obscure Queries you have, and I already had a discussion about it in my SS Poll thread that I made just over a month ago. Is the search button invisible or something?

shamsho2 was great when it came out. It introduced several new fighting game features we see in games today. I’m not going to say it was balanced (or even tried to be a balanced game), but when you break through into high levels of play almost all characters were competitive. It was a nice break from street fighter. I believe it was on EGM readers #1 game for at least a year straight.

samsho 5 special sucks too FUCK YOU ALL

SS 1 better than 2? :wtf: What kind of blasphemy is this?

It’s not a blasphemy here, just a troll begging for some red bars and a good old ban hammer in the ass

Wtf are you talking about?

No! Not my ass!

Oh my! you found the “edit” button and even used it to change your thread and thus try to lure people into believing you actually are not the dumbest in this thread (probably not of the whole boards, there’s some competition). Aren’t you an industrious little one… want a cookie? :rolleyes:

what the fuck is wrong with you