ff7 traler2


Hot. I know you have seen trailer1 but here is trailer2. Same stuff as trailer1 but has more to it.

ff7 movie btw.

You might as well check out bizarre love triangle too. It’s the 2 girls making out, but the 3d cel shaded technique is hot. The new Appleseed is also done that way too if anyone remembers the anime appleseed.

looks like this is the new thing.

thanks for link :smiley: , i’ve seen the first one as well, it looks freakin amazing!!! I can’t wait, and it’s coming straight to dvd so i’ll be on ebay buying that :stuck_out_tongue:

i say that appleseed trailer a week ago, and it looks pretty cool, some of the animations kinda bothered me, but i love the look of it, cel shading has been around a while, but i haven’t seen any great ones, i really liked ZOE 2 cel shading though for the ps2

I also read the article on the page about 2d animation artists are out of work and dying? damn we’re in trouble…I mean anyone who was in the field would know that one needs that proper foundation in Life/figure/object Drawing… etc… 3d has taken over quite rapidly- not that its a bad thing, 3d has some amazing effects and all , but man- you wouldnt believe the amount of people i talk to that want to do 3d animation without any real drawing skills whatsoever---- I guess the programs are getting so advanced now that characters are automatically generated on one form or another, so technically they wouldnt really have much need for the manual work…:eek:

taht love triangle clip was weird and nice. Nice and weird.

yeah they are saying 2d is dying, i’m a 3d person so i don’t really have anything to worry about, but i think 2d is everything, it starts from 2d then goes to 3d, and i heard that pixar is going back to 2d after their movie the incredibles, so 2d is gonna return…hopefully, all the planning is done in 2d, so i don’t think it’ll ever die out, sucks though