FFA 10-15-2005 3s Tourney Results


  1. pyrolee
  2. amir
  3. Ed Masters
  4. 5 Star

plz hold a HUGE 3v3 or 5v5 tourney again

was my 2nd tourney and my first time at ffa. really fun tourney even though though i got my ass kicked.

vids PLZ!

I’m still kinda miffed that I missed the tournament. Granted, I’m not up to par yet with most of the players there, I still would’ve loved to compete and meet more of the upper-level players. Damn. Looks like I gotta wait for the next one, then.

Yeah when will the video be up? I had to leave before it ended.

Damn, what happened to Sex-Taro? :o

So what number RANBAT is this? I have 1-4 and 6 so far.

This isn’t a ranbat.

Oh, I’ve just seen a lot of ranbat vids at the FFA and I always assume that when it says FFA in the name, it’s a continuation of that series.:sweat:


N-Joy! :tup:

Kara Throw!!!

any non google video floating out and about? having to go to a website everytime to watch it makes me a saaaaaaaaad panda

i second that.

yeah lets start a petition…
stuff streaming from google…somebody post the vid for download…

you can find ffa goodies at cv

I went to denjin video only to find family incest links…How far the mighty have fallen.

lol ppl are never happy… fucking ungrateful bitches… you should be happy that shogo is even putting shit on the internet
dumb bitches…


great vid thnx

It’s not that were ungrateful, we just like them a lot. It’s more out admiration and want a copy for ourselves so we can rewatch certain parts and show our friends.