FFA 2/23/08 3on3 RAY RAMOS RULES Tournament

Let me clarify what I mean by Ray Ramos rules tournament. This is a normal 3on3 tournament except that the top tier players, who I will list, are not allowed to team with each other unless they play their secondary characters. For instance, if Pyro, Ken and Vic want to team, they can’t play Yun, Makoto and Dudley, but however, if Pyro plays Chun and Ken plays 12, and Vic plays Dudley then they are allowed to team.

This is done in order to eliminate broken teams. Many people have been asking for the ratio tournaments again but those aren’t a good idea because in the end, its just a free ride for the lesser players who randomly get placed onto say… Pyro’s team. And their just isn’t enough top tier players to go around. Second of all, this still allows the top players to still be able to play together but atleast making it a little less intimidating for the lesser players. The purpose isn’t to allow the lesser players to have a free ride, they all gotta learn sometime.

This is my list of top players and their characters. This is based on those that came to the last tournament:

pyrolee (YU)
sextaro god (MA)
veek (DU)
ed o ma (KE)
gootecks (UR)
jr rodriguez (GO)
tommy j shin (MA)
myself (KE)

This is just based on last tournament, of course their are other top players not listed, but if they didn’t show for the last tourney they probably won’t show for the next one. However, any player, including those I just listed, convinces someone like Frankie3s or Amir to come to the tourney, they are free to team with them. So if pyro… convinces amir to show, they can team with one pyro playing Yun and amir playing Chun. It’s just an incentive to bring back our top players, no? We all want a good show.

Lastly, this is something I want to put in for future tournies. All teams that post their teams before the day of the tourney, will sign up for the normal entry fee of $15. Those that make their teams the day of the tourney will pay $20 total. Last tourney I did having all the teams made just seemed more organized and made it run smoothly and it was more hype. I think 3s is a team game, meant to be played with a team and its fun to put together a team of 3 or whatever. Second, I want to start all tournies by 7:30. If any team member shows up late, the team member will be penalized $5 entry fee, not the whole team. You can call me or text me or call someone whos their and tell them if theres traffic or some kind of problem, but if I don’t hear from you, I will penalize you. We all want to get out of here quickly and have more time for other things like side tournies or go eat, or go meet some girls… yes girls. I know I am strict, but I am trying to everything as organized as possible. If your friends don’t post on SRK… do tell them, how can you get good if you don’t know WTF is going on?

Entry fee is $15. I have no decided whether I will run it with a regular bracket or the format I ran for the last tourney. Input is appreciated.

Pot will be split 70/20/10

I will be the first to post my team for the next tourney:

bean (YU)
surewin (DU)
pau gasol (KE)

See you guys in 2 weeks

I forgot to mention… WE WILL WIN!

EDIT: Nevermind.

will there be sandwishes?

be glad that i’m not using dudley

you read that Marc and Santos?

im free to team up with, no one likes me.

For this to be a true Ray Ramos rules tournament, I propose 3 additional rules:

  1. Winner of each match has to drink a 32 of Tecate before playing their next match
  2. Throwing up into your own/someone else’s pocket = automatic 1st place in tournament and in life
  3. Top players can team with each other and use mains if and only if they talk like Ray Ramos for the entire night

all players that wear a shirt with a pocket get free entry fee

i am el GUAPO GOD

All players that wear a creme colored turtle neck with a pocket will also get $5 from me.

thanks a lot bean for ditching me

kai, team up?

Ty = Tc
Yi = Fm
Jr = Fagggggggggggggggggg

you can have him back if you want

I may show to this. Need a team though…

Sorry Sebastian, can’t team up.

One of the cheapest teams ever seen is in the works.

so what does this team have to do with you?


I think you hate Dim Sum.

i thought we were teaming up for the standard 3v3?

Go back to Mongolia and learn how to tech throw…

Anyone that is trying get into or currently is in a pyramid scheme should get $5 off. For every friend that you tried to trick into joining the pyramid scheme you should get an extra $5 off. If you broke your computer by watching xtube, you should get in for free.

Only need to on 1p side.