FFA 2/23/08 3on3 RAY RAMOS RULES Tournament

nevermind, i’m not going

Anyone wanna let me on their team? Ryan? Pyro? Ken? :frowning:

Yi…didn’t you post that this tourney would be later? I thought the next tourney was going to be a regular 3v3 no restrictions…sigh

oh well, from last tourney, my favorite part was the random RPS tourney:

(Yi’s group separating from picking rock while the paper’s group went elsewhere)

Yi: Fuck they have Vic and Pyro over there? Man this is all the people I can choose from? FUCK!!!
Trippy: You can still get Ken I.
(everyone does RPS)
(Yi & Ken both do scissors)
(Yi grabs me and jumps around like an idiot)
(Yi goes over to the other group to see Ryan and Vic teamed up)
Yi: WTF?!? How are they teamed together? What a cheap fucking team!



if i don’t work ill play.

Pyrolee: Get Ed Ma out here, who is he going to team with?
Someone: He’s teaming with Dario.
Pyrolee: How’d that happen?
Someone: He chose him.
Pyrolee: …WHY!!!

Me: We need 1 more…
Pyrolee: uh… who?
Me: DARIO! hes right there!
Pyrolee: No… no… NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! anyone BUT Dario

I wanna play in this tourney as well as the normal 3v3. Anyone need a teammate? PM me.

Yi on the 17th RPS shuffle:

Yi: Why are there 5 people here? Who’s doing Rock Paper Scissors that already has a teammate in the group?
Ken: You are you dumbass! You’re my teammate!
Yi: NO!! I’m playing for Edma!
Yi: Kai who’s your teammate?
Kai: Bean
(Yi looks over at Bean who’s holding nothing but a coke)
Yi: Bean WTF?!? Why are you in the circle? You’re fucking things up!!
Bean: I’m not even playing WTH?!?

Just want to get one thing straight. If I decide enter this tournament the day of the tourny and team up with random fools before the 7:30 start time, will my team still have to pay $20?

I thinks its lame to charge fools who want to participate in this tournament but don’t know if they can cuz of work or what have you, and then all of sudden penalized cuz they didn’t post their team a day in advance. I understand if the team is organized after or close to the start time, but if a team is organized an hour or two hours before the start time then its bullshit to pay an extra $5.

I don’t mean to bring down your tourny format, I’m just giving my two cents. If you can answer my questions Yi and let me know whats up. Thanks bro, peace out.

It’s supposed to be an incentive to post your team early. It’s not like you get sent straight to losers for not posting your team early. Now thats a punishment.

I think the idea behind having an incentive to having your team ready the night before is for everyone to take these tournaments more seriously. The analogy Yi gives me is that in sports, you practice BEFORE the game starts, not during, so by the same train of thought, you know who is on your team the day/night before the game, not on the day of. If you were a pro athlete and you didn’t know what team you were on, you are either an in-demand free agent, or you’re not in the majors. Of course, you can say this ain’t the NBA, but a lot of top players have put a significant amount of their lives into 3s, so for us, this is more than “something to do” on a Saturday night. So whether you think that’s lame or whatever is up to you, but that’s the mindset here.

So I guess what I’m saying is that we’re trying to step up our games and if you can’t get a team together in the 2 weeks between tournaments due to work or whatever, then you’re not taking it seriously and thus, should be penalized for that.

Also, if you’re missing 3s tournaments because of work, you should have the 5 bucks to cover the Lack of Planning charge. :slight_smile:

So it’s either a penalty or an incentive, depending on how you look at it. Furthermore, if you don’t know if you have to work until the day of, you need a new job. But I guess that’s a topic for another thread…

Hey Dash,

Think of the $5 not as a punishment, but as a discount to the normal entry fee of $20. :slight_smile:

But yes, if you do come early and organize your team, 1 to 2 hours before I start, I will give you the discounted $15 price.

You have just lost all credibility.

Ryan did such a good job on the post before yours too…tsk tsk.

I forgot that weekend is the UCR HEAT concert. Skipping this one then…

best quote

after james comes back ftw against somebody

:guy starts jumping for joy outside for team UCI:

mike: does he even know them???


this tourney feels like the SF version of the NBA Western Conference right now

Moby and 311…a winning combination! :confused: :rolleyes:

i went to an underground joint awhile (low end theory at the airliner)
and mc nocando was like this is more hype than SF4
outta nowhere someone on stage said
cant be more hype than old shiggle (SHGL) and third strike tournies in the valley
SF is still gully son
streets are talking

i am so lost