FFA 2/23/08 3on3 RAY RAMOS RULES Tournament

i know it was random
just because music and a SF tourny was the previous two posts
i was just stating how big SF4 is and 3S tournies
that even big time underground rappers (nocando won scribble jam last year) are even hip to whats going on
random kinda

more like mos def, la riots and girl talk

all I hear was more like.

Trippy, qu’est-ce qui ce pass? On peut jouer demain?

Tout vient point qui sait attendre…
…mais j?espre que le chien ne mange pas Kyushu Ramen dans ma voiture plus d’une fois cette anne…

Qui veut la fin veut les moyens…

Nobody listens to techno!!

I need a team, who is with me?

Thanks for the discount bro, I appreciate it.

I’m failry sure my team is Vinny, Me, and Tony so sign that up yi if you catch this post.

what is this jibberish you’re talking about ken!! something about your dog and a car and kyushu ramen?? :looney:

wth? I thought you were vietnamese Trippy…

you are crazy ken… join britney at ucla

I guarantee victory

oh… another confirmed team

Slimelord (NE)
Vinny (KE)
Veek (DU)

definitely guarantee victory over this team. most likely ocv

nevermind then yi haha

Need team. OCV or your money back! :mad:

fuck yes.
sorry lenin.

Team top of the food chain, eat u alive…

that hurt right here holds hand over heart


Pyro (CH?)
Kai (CH)
Ken (YA?)

Well we are only 4 days away from the team deadline and we have only 3 teams so far.

That is perfectly fine with me of course because I’m obviously getting the $5 discount.