FFA 2on2 3s Tourney 6-11-05 Results!

We had 8 teams enter, which was actually a good turn out for such a spontaneous tournament!

First place: Team Ero-Gaijin
frankie3s ryu - denjin
pyrolee yun - genei jin

Second place: Team WoW
amir chun li - sa 2
rokufera urien - aegis reflector

Third place: Team No Fighting Spirit
5 star ken - sa 3
victoly dudley - corkscrew blow

No vids or commentary. Sorry guys we just decided to throw a tournament that day and couldn’t set up the equipment.

The bracket order was done randomly, so no seeds.
Frankie3s defeats 5 star and victoly in winners bracket.
Amir defeats pyrolee and frankie3s in winners finals.
pyrolee defeats 5 star and victoly in losers finals.
pyrolee defeats team WoW in 1st set of grand finals.
frankie3s defeats team WoW in 2nd set of grand finals.

any vids?

OMG! videos please, say you have videos of all this.

No denjin vids :sad: