FFA 3-20-10 MvC2 Results thread. Thanks for everything Ralph! MvC2 got some love


1st - Fanatiq
2nd - MMDS
3rd - Khaos
4th - Regency Rob
5th - Mr. Pasadena
5th - Wes
7th - Y2J
7th - CSUN JR
9th - Romfinite
9th - aka soz
9th - Clockw0rk
9th - Lawrence
13th - Prodigy
13th - Infrit
13th - Mardig
13th - ClockWise

First, thanks to Ralph for showing the MvC2 community much respect with the pizza, fixing the sticks right before the tourney, putting it on free play, taking care of the glare on the screen and making this one of the much better FFA tournaments.

GGs to everyone outside the tournament as well, Demon Hyo, Reset, Mike Chaos, and MIKE “DYNOMIKE” ROSS.

Justin Wong, please play next time! Its free money to you. Thanks to all the people that came out.

Hope we can keep all the drama inside the marvel community and not take anything personally.

Neo, what happened? You had trouble beating ME last night? Whats good, let me know when your down to play where ever this spring break. GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA




good shit Darryl and Keneth!


All I have to say is Mike Chaos get screwed again at FFWACK against mega *** lol but at least my homie NICK beat the shit out of fanatiq , shit looked pretty easy for reset beating fanatiq lol, Cant wait to see fanatiq and d.s. at warzone that will actually mean somthing. OH yea fanatiq I hope that ass whoopin you got was a good learning experience ah hahahh ah hahah hah hah ha kind made you look like you werent even really good hah hah ah ha and you were playing on your godly sticks too you have no excuse for that ass whoopin, oh good games wongsta, magnetro, kenneth, infrit, prodigy, bb hood.


how much we playing for at warzone?


ahhaahh ah ahh ahha hah hah hah are you replying to me or nick lorence?

  1. Call me Fanatiq
  2. I was obviously speaking to you as reset hasn’t posted in this thread yet afaik.
  3. Nevermind I’m not playing you at warzone for the following reasons:
    A. You played danny twice the first time you mixed up the numbers which it took him playing out every single match win by win to get you to concede that the match was indeed over. That took about 5 straight minutes of talking to do.
    B. You played danny a 2nd time and we specifically said it was a run back…5 dollars was never mentioned by anyone privy to the match Including reset who said "well if they’re playing first to 5 for 10, then we’ll do first to 5 for 10 (As opposed to the first to 4 for 10 he had proposed originally).
    C. If you do lose you get all out of pocket angry and your entire character/demeanor is completely unpleasant. Notwithstanding the fact that I and mmds believe you owed him an additional 5 dollars and then afterwards come up to him and say “No hard feelings” though he never wronged you whatsoever. Then to top it all off, you come and post the message before last…

I’d just rather not deal with you, if I must play you in tourney then so be it, but outside of that we don’t have to deal with one another. I do want to point out that you were extremely composed during the debate outside ffa though and I appreciate that. Anyways, money match is no longer offered, and I wish not to be involved with any dealings with you at all. No hard feelings.


A HAH HAHA H ha man I dont remember you guys saying playing for ten bucks I mean seriously i dont trust you and danny thats all there is to it you guys are full of shit but especially you fanatiq, and dont play me at warzone but you know you will get your ass whooped at james games or on our shit meaning console, I mean the sad thing about you and nick reset was you couldnt even beat him on your own shit, I do beat reset sets at home, he still comes out on top, but my friend you were having way to much difficulties beating him, you play the same on your sticks as you do your pad, thats the thing with you there is no difference in your play, keep thinking your big shit at your sorry ass arcade where you never leave, and I will continue to mention this shit because to be honest fanatiq your not really good, I really dont know how you made top eight at following evos, I dont remember you beating anyone who was good lol seriously I think you got a free bracket or some shit, and you playing against toan dont really mean shit, I mean he is a good player but he is not top five which means your big money matches dont mean shit, it would mean somthing if it were sanford v.s. yipes for that much or wong v.s. sanford for that much or even a rematch between duc do and sanford considering the fact that duc is past champion, so seriously homie you dont have a fuckin leg to stand on. And dont play me at warzone thats the point I wanted to prove is you know you cant beat me, im not going to get hit by all of your random little balogna tricks that you work on day in and day out. Becuase I mean seriously all we would have to do is have someone hold the money at the tournament and keep score, so either your stupid or scared, so I would say both. OH yea fanatiq no hard feelings I get a big ego boost off of this shit, you FANATIQ and REGENCY DExtrous know how I play outside of arcade and know very well your random msp bullshit wouldnt work against my high defensive anything from my msp to my scrub to my thrax. And if I were to loose oh well at least I lost in a legit way though. Final conclusion FANATIQ your scary bitch, and im going to continue to make your life hell because you are not, and I repeat you are not a fuckin top player peace out you little bitch and I seriously wish you would come tell me some shit to my face because you know I will know you THE FUCK OUT.




OMG. lol

Marvel drama resurrected?

P.S. Good shit to everyone that showed up.


It has nothing to do with fear… I’ve never backed out of a money match in my entire life…vs anyone. You just showed your character and I don’t think its worth my time to deal with it. You can troll me all you want though, pad hate will never stop…“I love all my haters, they make me feel greater” to quote an awful song. In the end I’m better than you and I’ll let that keep me happy.


I’m down to play for some $$$ if no drama is involved -_-


Good luck with dat.
Mvc2 money matches = saltiness to the max :chainsaw::grrr::bottle:
Mvc2 is sponsored in part by: PRINGLES, and morton’s salt. “When it rains, it pours.”


GGS for a nice turnout

do you happen to still have the brackets. there are some matches that i cant tell who it is ( like a msp mirror where it could have been some combination of you, fanatiq, romfinite,JR,Y2J or pasadena)




Good shit Fanatiq.


a hah ha hah h a fanatiq your funny dog seriously I never thought you were that good thats why I challenged you for a spot lol and mega man ds It would be real tight if striderzero would put my match of me beating your ass at the last console tournament lorence, the key word is console nigga. I beat you on your pad, first ever time I play you in a console tournament, you even went so far as to counter pick and I beat the shit out of you twice in a row, one character victory both games and you counter picked me nigga, so the thing is fanatiq if I suck you dont deserve a spot because I beat your ass, and if I dont suck you still dont deserve the spot because I beat your ass. I probably wouldve won that tournament if it werent for the fact I got bullshitted because they were running out of time so I only got two games instead of four. And for the record Lorence I beat your ass in that tournament when we were both playing on our legit shit so as the record stands its Mike CHAOS 2 FAnatiq 0 im cool with that nigga. And one more thing after all of this shit you have done no more west coast stripes meaning I dont think you should even be allowed to rep west coast anymore after you trying to put wong and hyo on the team. Matter fact yea dont ever let me hear you trying to rep west coast nigga you have no coast ha hah ah hah hah ha only thing you own is a garbage can with that stupid ass hat you wear now because your going bald. Oh OH one more thing dont try to act like your of extreme intelect nigga ah hah ah hah ahh a I mean look at you man your baby sanford homie ah ah hah ha hah hh h sanford took a shit and out you came ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ha hah man I crack myself up. WHERE YOU AT FANATIQ IM JUST DYING TO SEE WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR STUPID ASS MOUTH NOW. This will probably be my last post because in all honesty marvel is lacking competition big time and wack fucks like fanatiq try to politic teams based off of passed results and all they do is hold tournaments at ffa and think shit is accurate playing the home field advantage all of the time. So inconclusion mr. grad school fanatiq a.k.a. baby sanford FUCK YOU AND YOUR AND YOUR ARCADE, with the exceptions of magnetro, bb hood, guywongsta, and a few others that I might be forgetting. Thats pretty much everything in a nut shell im done with you cowardly niggas.


Mike Chaos: If you really don’t respect FFA, then don’t bother coming back 'till you grow up. There’s a middle school next door where you can talk all the shit you want. In the meantime, consider yourself banned.


Your grammar is astounding, anyways its cool you think you’re better than me at marvel, based on statistics, 99.82% of the fighting game community disagree with you, btw my name aint lorence A HAH AAHAHHAHHA HAHA H AHAHA HHAHA A H A HA HHAHA AHAH. and you really showed your character man, I mean I obviously wear a hat to keep it secret that I’m balding, and you just come on here and tell all of srk, I’ll never forgive you for this so thats one less top player friend for you now meaning you can only be friends with reset AAHHHHA HAHA AHA AHA HAHA AHAHA AHA AH AHA H H H H H H H H H H A A A A A A A A A A you will be ignored so if you reply I won’t see it unless someone quotes you cuz IM NOT DYING TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY AT ALL. inconclusion sorry for counterpicking you, but it didn’t work for me, i shoulda just picked the team that I’ve been playing for 8 years now instead of switching to some other team, oh wait I picked msp, well I guess I didn’t counter pick you so you’re wrong AHAHAHAA HAHHA AHAHA AHAAAHA HHAAHHHAAAHHAAHAHA AHHA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

please don’t ban him from ffa on my account, I know how to ignore someone.

p.s. http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=131810&p=3934872&viewfull=1#post3934872 (post #44 was my account before I got this one back and every knew that)…some secret.


DS and fanatiq on top and bottom of the bracket. HMMMMMMMMMMMM… :nono:
These brackets are not shady at all.
I give you props for having balls to show what a rigged bracket you made. :tup:
Fanatiq is still a beast tho. TOP 4 NIGGAS SB where the big boys played.