FFA 3/3/07 - RANBAT 3s/T5 DR Season 4 Results

Here are the results for Tekken 5 DR (from Tekken Zaibatsu)

  1. KaNE (Devil Jin) 10 points
  2. Rip (Law) 7 points
  3. YMR (Bruce) 5 points
  4. JMS (Ling) 3 points

Here are the results for Street Figher III: 3rd Strike

  1. Amir (Chun Li) 10 points
  2. Pyrolee (Yun) 7 points
  3. Gootecks (Urien) 5 points
  4. Ironfist (Dudley) 3 points

Congrats to all the top placed winners…next week is the first MvC2 Ranbat!

Videos? Did you guys record it?

That’s your car? I’mma walk over there… and dismantle it!

Mr. Universe is a beast.

Sick, Ironfirst made top 4. Good work.

Amir, too concentrate

Yeah more vids plz

Here are top 16 results:

  1. Amir
  2. Pyrolee
  3. gootecks
  4. Ironfist
  5. Derrick
  6. 5 Star
  7. Sextaro
  8. Victoly
  9. Lenin
  10. Zerogunner
  11. Andrew
  12. Zantua
  13. Mr.Universe
  14. Rob Greco
  15. Dirty Cole
  16. Tony
    Current Standings:**
  17. Amir - 10pts
  18. Pyrolee - 7pts
  19. gootecks - 5pts
  20. Ironfist - 3pts
    Next Ranking Battle: **
    March 17th

Thanks to everyone who came out! Vids will be out soon, for now you can check out a 3v3 exhibition we had at Interface not too long ago at Denjin Video

Mad props to top 3, and my homies Pyro and Gootecks.

Love it love it love it!


holy shit i made 12 again

good shit to ironfist

that means that I beat the guy that vic AND Yi.


you should be on team beast

yes another season of FACTOIDS!!!

I just finished the video for this tourney! Check it out at http://www.denjin-video.com/ :lovin:

holy f*ck… speakin of derrick and ironfist leveling up… gooteck partition like nothing! he leveled up quite a bit himself!