FFA 3/8/08 SCRUB Tourney and 2on2 Results

Scrub Tourney Results

  1. Kai - Chun
  2. Vinny - Ken
  3. ADOLFO - Hugo

2on2 Results

  1. Bearcubs

Tom - Ibuki
Amir - Chun

  1. Yi3s

5 Star - Ken
Frankie3s - Ryu (left midway through the tourney because he had to go buy some weed, never came back. I think is on the middle of the freeway, passed out in the car with the bong in between his legs)
Ghetto D - Alex (subs in for Frankie3s)

  1. Usual Suspects

Sextaro - Makoto
pyrolee -Yun

  1. Vic Masters

Ed Masters - Ken
VictoLy - Dudley

  1. BlackKai

Blackpyro - Yun
Kai (Chinese Amir) - Chun

  1. Technodrome

Sanchez - Alex
Bebop - Oro

Thanks to Dae, Shogo and Arlieth for helping. Will have vids up later this week. See all in 2 weeks

good tourney, intense 2v2.
a lot of fun, except for me losing to ray and blackpyro.:sad:

thank you bean for being my partner, i’m sorry I did so poorly =(

I had a lot of fun, and there were some amazing matches! That was my last time at FFA for probably a LONG time since I’m moving back to NorCal for a long ass time. See you guys at EVO! Let’s get drunk that night and get black kate mosses that night.

you did well, thanks for carrying the team.

good shit to yi and shogo for running the two tournaments.
good shit to me scrubbing out.
good shit to team technodrome backing up their shit talk.
good shit to kai going 130 on the 5.
good shit to ken driving a trash can with broken wheels.


GG guys. Thanks Kai. :slight_smile:

(Can’t wait for Sanchez Vs Mike D pt 3 :wgrin:)


Mr. Bean ftw!

Hey there’s that chick that Ray Ramos got turned down by.

LOL! story?

C’mon! I totally stepped my game up! Where’s the love?:sad:

Good fucking times. Ya’ll some cool ass niggas.

You teamed with Don? I thought you teamed with Joe… you know Joe, right? :wgrin:

OK that joke is no longer funny lol



2 weeks from now. Open teams. NO rules… NO HOLDS BARRED

hahaha, hype!!

Fun times as always. 2 on 2 was pretty crazy. Lot’s of solid players :looney:

I’m dying over here. :rofl:

mr bean got his win on me a second time… and here i thought i was gonna have my evo 2007 revenge

GGs. Good players at the tournament… Hopefully I’ll be ready for you guys next time!

Thx to Yi, Rich, and Dae for running!


I should’ve won with Sean.

Can’t wait to see team 1 vs 3

Hey you are antoine’s friend…crazy! haha! You still trick and lift?

Not a very impressive match, I got owned.

you can only win with chun you delusional piece of crap.