FFA 3rd Strike Summer Ranking Battle

FFA 3s & Tekken 5 Summer Ranking Battle

Here’s the info on our first FFA 3s & T5 Summer Ranking Battle

3rd Strike - $1 Entry Fee - Pay Per Play - Winner Take All
Tekken 5 - $5 Entry Fee - Pay Per Play - Split Pot 70/20/10

All Tournaments will be on** Saturdays at 8pm Sharp!**
Sign Ups are at 7pm

If no more than 5 ppl sign up, then the tournament is cancelled

3rd Strike Summer Ranking Battle Tournaments are SINGLE ELIMINATION, ONE GAME ONLY! You must stick to one character for the entire tournament, but u can change your super after each game

Tekken 5 Summer Ranking Battle Tournaments are double elimination, best 2/3

All FFA 3S Summer Ranking Battle Matches will be recorded on direct feed and our very own Rockefeller will be the announcer for our FFA 3s Summer Ranking Battle Videos…Im sure we’ll have special guest announcers too

These are the dates for FFA 3s & Tekken 5 Summer Ranking Battle:


And thats it…That should be enuff 3s & T5 practice for Evo2k5

Point will be awarded to the top 4 players:

1st Place - 10 Points
2nd Place - 7 Points
3rd Place - 5 Points
4th Place - 3 Points

At the last FFA 3S & T5 Summer Ranking Battle Tournament on 8/6, all the points will be added up and the winner with the most points will win a brand new Xbox

Good Luck !



All Tournaments will be on** Saturdays at 8pm Sharp!**
Sign Ups are at 7pm

man, 8am would be a better start time than 8pm on saturday. thats throwin away a whole saturday night aklsdjflaskdj good luck to everyone peace

Could anyone join? :clap:

lol…sorry…I thought that would be the best time to run it…it wont last very long since its only a single elim/one game tournament…besides, ffa doesnt open at 8am :xeye:


sounds great, but maybe we should take a vote, friday nights might be better for everyone

friday !!!

no friday… i work till 9 pm on fridays.

if anything, why not an hour or 2 ealier on saturday? start it at 6 or 7 pm. tourney would be over quick enough to enjoy the rest of one’s saturday night if they wish to go out ot the clubs and such…

if anything… shogos running the thing. meaning hes gonna start the tourny on time… no late BS waiting on people to arrive and shit. this is plenty of notice.

ok im convinced

6pm is good


ok…looks like Im messing up ppl’s lives with this now

so you guys think its horrible that I start it at 8pm or even have it on Saturdays?

I cant have it on Fridays cuz I work all day…Saturdays is my day off

I can do 6pm…I just thought that if ppl have to drive down for this, I wanted to give them extra time for traffic/work/whatever

There’s also a tekken crowd that wants in on the ranking battle…thats perfectly fine with me…guys like cole, token or jom can take care of it…the bad news is that I dont have any prizes to give away to them…I had to twist the owner’s arm to donate an xbox for the 3s event

But!..I read somewhere on the tekken zaibatsu forum that Tommy Hillfigure (I dunno who he is, but I hear he owns with Nina) is doing a donation tournament to fly over 2 top korean tekken players for evo2k5…since I dont have anything to give as a prize, if he wants, he can use the entree fee money from FFA Tekken 5 and TTT Summer Ranking Battle

I dunno…those are just ideas to make u guys happy…what do u think? :xeye:

8pm is good for me on saturday.


6pm is good

shogo too good.

6pm is a negative
all y’all… can eat a dick

8pm is good for me, hella traffic 6-7.

8pm seems best for those of us who have to actually drive to FFA.

ok…so this is what the vote looks like to me

For 6pm I see:
?? Nate ?? Not sure since he said at least an hour or two before 8
?? Vic ?? Says he’s convinced by Nates babbling

For 8pm I see:
MattxChin - says u 6pm/Friday guys can eat a dick

and for Friday I see:
Sextaro Inoue

er…ya…ok…so far it looks like 8pm has more solid votes…just not sure about Nate/Vic’s vote yet, otherwise its 6pm if thats what they want

I’ll wait til Thursday night to see what everyone else says before I make it official…dont hate on me if Im doing what the majority want, Im trying to be as fair as I can about this


one thing i was talking about tonight with a bunch of the tekken heads was the price of the tournament. considering we arent getting a prize besides the entrance fee, would it be fine if we played with $5 entrance fee to attract more people from outside the valley?

$5 should be good and give people more incentive to show up.

also, another big thing. will we be able to play t5 on 25 cents by then? i see that making somewhat of a difference when it comes to the turnout also. if people know they have no chance of winning i figure the money totalled from the drive/entrance/pay per play would keep them away.

well thats fine if thats how u guys wanna run Tekken 5…$5 entree fee, split the pot for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, etc…

But its still $1 for 3rd Strike…hell I can say a penny to enter and winner take all and I’ll still get 30+ ppl to join 3s…3s at FFA doesnt need high entrance fees to attract any players

As for the prize thing, at the moment right now I dont have anything to give away…I didnt know there was any interest in Tekken for the ranking battle tournaments…again I’ll keep talking to my boss and see if he can come up with something…same goes for the 25cent drop

Im just confused about the time to start it…guys like devil x makes it seem like the 2 hour difference between 6 and 8pm is gonna ruin his schedule

Im totally open to any ideas/solutions so that everyone is ok with the time that I run this

i think everyone should stop complaining about what time the tourney should be. shogos doing this on his own time and whenever he is free is when the tourney should be. if its at 8pm, then its at 8pm. its impossible for everyones schedule to be corresponding so whenever its best for shogo should be the best.