FFA 3s - 3v3 Sept 29, 2007

Great turnout tonight guys, saw a lot of faces we haven’t seen around FFA in a while. Thanks to everyone for coming out and good games all around. Here are results:

  1. Team 3s Company - Amir AKA Tom’s Cub (CH), Pyrolee (YU), Ken I (MA)
  2. Team You Owe Me A Favor - gootecks (UR), Kai (CH), 5 Star (KE)
  3. Team Ty Is A Beast - Ty (AL), Trippy (YU), Jeremiah (CH)
  4. Team Ed Mazletov - Ed Ma (KE), Ray Ramos (NE), IronFist (DU)
  5. Team Ku - Brandon (AK), Mike T (KE), Dario (KE)
  6. Team Graves Ave - JaHa (DU), Don (AL), Mike Watson (KE)
  7. Team ZeroGunner - ZeroGunner (YA), Jeesup (DU), Tom (NE)
  8. Team Nor-Cal - Hail & Kill (KE), Reset (KE), Let Blood Run (UR)

14 teams altogether, really great turnout, good games everyone, thanks again for coming out, see you guys at newegg lanfest 2k7 next week!

Fuck you guys, for some reason I was always on 1p side.

I think you do better on 1p side…remember that time at AI i double perfected you when you were on 2p side?

lol sex pyro and amir on the same team isnt banned? :shake:

No No, it’s obvious that I do better on the 2p side. Remember that time where I beat your Makoto with Pink Sean?

Ty is a BEAST and Jeremiah turned on that juice! 2 supers in a row ftw! :rofl: :rofl:

crazy night.

iirc, did pyro say in a dr sub podcast that his team next sbo is gonna be just that - pyro, ken i and AMIR? that team is too strong… which hopefully means they can get past sbo6’s 1st round…

holy shit we made 7th.

if someone ever cries about color again, i swear you will be punched in the nose. i have nothing against any of the sf players, and i just fuck around and jack colors of other players ken, but seriously… its gotten to the point where its WTF!!! only guys like amir should really care. pretty homo to be worried about playing a certain color… its a fucking game people. its played for fun and entertainment, who the fuck cares what color you have!!!

ps, this isnt a diss to anyone directly, just you faggots who really give a fuck about color… lol??? so gay. (edma, i know you really dont care, and this wasnt a diss to you, but ive thought about how lame it is for a long time now and it was just sparked over the weekend!!)

pss, congrats jaha, you got 1 this time son!!! keep it up!

psss, no roll cancel in 3s hak!!! LOL!!! :slight_smile:

lol fools “NEED” that color son, they can’t concentrate…combos dont come out, exeuction poor…all beacuse no Red Ken. LAWL


UHHHH OK like I give a fuck about colors?


he meant faggots in general.

I mean fggots. I forgot they don’t like that word here.

That why I lose to Don. He gets my orange citrus alex and I lose all concetration.

I heard Amir was color blind.

double perfect… =/