FFA 3s Mid tier and a 3v3 All Level Tourny on July 22

FFA presents a Mid tier to scrub level tournament as well as a All level 3v3 3s tournament
We will host it on Saturday July 22nd @ FFA
Tom and I will decide what skill level you will be at… either way afterwards there will be a 3v3 tournament open to everyone
People for example will not be allowed to play in the mid tier tournament are as followed:

  1. Pyro
  2. Amir
  3. Frank
  4. etc etc etc
    and no you cannot use other characters to be allowed in the tournament

Each tournament is 5 dollars per person
Double Elimination
70/20/10 is the pot ratio
Donations for Denjin Video is accepted. we provide the best videos for your gaming needs

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

Arcade located in Granada Hills. Open late; closes 2-3 am! We have a number of fighting games and music games. Most fighting games are on 360s with Happs competition buttons. Old school and new school games on head to heads, showcases, and big screens!

mid tiers for the win


Mid-Tier Tournament begins at 2pm. TWO O’CLOCK. We’re serious this time, because of a very good reason:

There are TWO TOURNAMENTS back-to-back that day.

Open 3v3 Team Tournament for 3s begins at 7pm, or whenever Mid Tier ends. If Mid Tier starts too late, then the Team Tournament might not even end before FFA closes. PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME to allow for extra smack-talk, hype and WWE-style drama. We plan on instigating. =D

Banned Top-Tier players, in no particular order: (No entering the first 2pm tourney, 2nd Team tourney OK)

5.Ed Ma
7.John D
9.Mr. Universe
10.Mutant XP
11.Mike Watson
12.Hung Bee
14.Alex Valle
15.Paul Lee
16.To Be Determined (Includes random people like Ricky Ortiz =D Also, Vic Vance is retired.)

Criteria: Placing Top 4 in an FFA tourney with at least 32 players in it, Placing Top 8 consistently, etc.

That pretty much covers all of it. Looking at the number of people on this list, you might actually have a chance at winning some $$$.

Flyers coming up tomorrow. We’re putting the 16 banned list on the flyer so people at FFA know that this is strictly Mid-Tier and lower.

Also, you can nominate players to be taken on or off the list. Speak up!


Challenge Board

Bet for or against. :rofl: If the player actually pulls it off, he gets $5!

-Dario pulling off 12 kara-uppercuts with Ken
-Joel Benefiel getting 4 Healing Perfects with Elena
-Cole pulling off 5 Aegis Unblockable combos without screwing up
-Rob Greco making top 8
-Jerry hitting top 4 (PAYS DOUBLE!)
-Neiman pulling off two Standing 720’s
-EricxChin pulling off 4x karapalm Gen’ei Jin combos, three times

Peter “I’m Not From Texas” Yoon is taking this shit. And replace Gootecks with Paul Lee. Gootecks needs the money to bring Slimelord home!

how about just a no ken chun yun tournament. that’s right makoto is allowed, i dont care.
or a “opponent picks your char” tournament. how about, “if you win, you must use your opponents char” tournament.

anyway, my money’s on dario. wheeeeeeeeeee!!!

this one’s for real. i wanna do a NO PARRY tournament. do it!

Low Tier Ftw

leave your private life out of this amir.

SOS save our slimelord

I’m sorry Mario but our Slimelord is in another castle!

Oh your gonna regret making that bet about me getting top 8…

I’m king scrub, bitches! These tournements are my bread & butter.

I’ll be recieving that 5$ Tom,… i’ll even bet on myself if anyone wants to be a dick and bet against me.

why isn’t tom allowed in tourny?(jk tomas jk!) hopefully i have to work on saterday…

yes im going to enter

damn i’m hella top tier why am i not banned on that list. you guys are lucky i live in norcal and can talk shit using a keyboard


Yi’s banned too- you ain’t foolin’ nobody son (but there’s a team tourney right after)


alex vs hugo <-- picture

andre stairs down the hulk as he prepares to standing gigas him. great find rock!

wait i change my mind, mattxchin will take this with ibuki!

I like edma’s idea of picking your opponent’s character. Sean vs Sean mirror matches all night.

Hey Arlieth if I come can I play in the Scrub tourney:wgrin:

Pfft…Cole is not on the list thats fucked up:rofl:

I pick Adolpfo (Hugo) to Win