FFA 3s Mid tier and a 3v3 All Level Tourny on July 22

yeah this thread is ghey aka hax0r

I think a non-main character tournament would have been more fun.

dario can’t beat finesse if his life depended on it. cause my chun is ungettoutable!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe!!!

I got the bet that neiman pulls two 720s. MAKE THAT CAKE SON

how about we do a tournament between all the races of people that play 3s. it could be:

team black people
team mexican ppl
team china
team korea
team spain whatever
etc etc

i think this would be more fun… it’ll be just like the WORLD CUP

its like bring your crew… doesnt matter if theres only 3 chinamen beating down on the 25 mexicans that play 3s (just like we do in real life)… what do you think? its for country pride…

if you cant find any countrymen you can join the team : rest of world

if you are mixed… then you join the team you identify with most. for instance… mike watson would be on team china rather than team refried

and for those who dont know where there identity lies… tom you can be on the white boy team

i will run around with the chinese flag if the chinamen win.

just an idea from the artist formerly known as 5star

im not racist btw

Great idea :stuck_out_tongue:

hey hitler gtfo. im playing hugo in this tournament.:wtf:

not involved with this tourney but i saw the name so i just gotta shout RENIIIIIIIIC

and yi i’ll see you at evo

I’m so calling off work for this. Fuck saturday work in a retail store anyways.

ill enter with ken WHO WANT SOME…

Hey wow, I’m a scrub. (^.^)

Mike Z

dude, ffa “scrubs” are super top tier almost everywhere anyway. haha

yea thats true, i played some kid and he was real good, or maybe i just really sucked lol

yall weak!!!

lol j/k

keep that shit alive!!! Dont let it die!

I predict either Yang,Ibuki,or Alex will win…and Urien will be in the finals


mid tier meaning skill level homie!

Oh a tourney with just mid tier players.
its nuts yall got enough players to even bust that.

Well somebody go get Adolpho and Alex that shit DOWN!!!

Man ff has a shit load of 3s players, i think more then marvel and most of them are decent too.

sounds fun :tup:

fucking faggots

Shut up scrub

Hey Kyle, do you have a team? Ivan and I are looking for a third person…