FFA 3s Ranbat 4.3 Results - 3/25/07

1st: Amir (+10 pts)
2nd: Pyrolee (+7 pts)
3rd: Kobe Bryant (+5 stars)
4th: Veek (+3 pts)
5th: AyeHOOD
5th: Ironsick
7th: Ed Masters
7th: Sextaro

Point Tally:

  1. Amir 30pts
  2. Pyrolee 21pts
  3. 5 Star 5pts
  4. gootecks 5pts
  5. Aye-hood 5pts
  6. Victoly 3pts
  7. IronFist 3pts
  8. Ed Ma 3pts

Thanks to everyone who came! 55 Players Total! O_o

Next Ranbat, 4.4 is on April 7th! See you there!

Amir wins 3 ranbats in a row, that’s impressive, cus it’s FFA after all.

Fuck yeah, Ayehood Ken is my favorite ken in the US. Love watching that guy play every time I’m down south.


Dammit, standing jab does work on Dudley for miracles.

And EX SPK doesn’t get stuffed out by meaty Makoto Strong.

Same way as how EX SPK gets stuffed by Dudley’s sweep depending on the timing.

GGs to all. What a fucking crazy night. Ending at 1:30 AM…now that sounds about right.

gg’s everyone. good job to amir on winning. i got too drunk, im definitely not doing that anymore.

Good games, and good times.

MORONGO! :thumbsup:

haha i remember hella controversy over this.

Uhh, meaty Makoto Strong does stuff EX SPK. I do it all the time.

God dammit. It’s all about timing.

Makoto can karakusa Chun out of EX SBK sometimes too, along with low forward kick, it all depends on the timing of the move.