FFA 3s Ranking Battle #4.2 03/17/07 Results

Who needs St. Patrick’s Day when you got 3s right? :rofl: Cross posted on http://www.denjin-video.com.

Great turnout last night, thanks to everyone who showed up. Congrats to Aye-hood for making his first top 3! Also, thumbs up to Kai for making what is I believe his first top 8. Good showing also by Ed Ma who has been MIA for a while. See everybody THIS Saturday, March 24th.


  1. Amir +10pts
  2. Pyrolee +7pts
  3. Aye-hood +5pts
  4. Ed Ma +3pts
  5. Victoly
  6. ReNiC
  7. gootecks
  8. Kai
  9. Rob
  10. ericXchin
  11. Reset
  12. Derrick

Current Points Status:

  1. Amir 20pts
  2. Pyrolee 14pts
  3. gootecks 5pts
  4. Aye-hood 5pts
  5. IronFist 3pts
  6. Ed Ma 3pts

Amir is cheating with Tiesto power.

good stuff to Aye-hood, crazy.

This is my second time making top 8.

Amir cheated by using his gay green Chun-Li.

St. Patty’s day chun owned me. GG’s to all, it was a good tourney.

raaah at this moment i was blind drunk! lol


defiantly not the 1st time I’m somewhere in top 8 so why are ya acting crazy?

US trying to do it Japanese style?

2 in a row

congrats amir

good song choice for the last ranbat ryan, put in dfa for one of them ^^

thank you! glad you liked it, i will see if i can use another dfa song without it feeling redundant. i’d sure like to use a new song, but unfortunately all i’ve been listening to lately is indie and electro.

lol, next time use wayfarer www.myspace.com/kavinsky

cause you suck

ryan, don’t listen to james.

I’m just razzin ya, dude.

sorry ray i dont speak noob

ryan: the remixes of metro area songs by dfa are beefy if you enjoy haus (house) music.