FFA 3s Ranking Battle #4.5 Results - 04/21/07

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Quick results from last night. Amir wins five in a row! O_O J.R. Rodriguez makes a surprise appearance and beasts on pretty much everybody. Ray Ramos makes his first ranbat top 8!

  1. Amir (CH) +10pts
  2. J.R. Rodriguez (AK) +7pts
  3. Shadini (CH) +5pts
  4. gootecks (UR) +3pts
  5. Adolfo (AL)
  6. Sextaro (MA)
  7. Ed Ma (KE)
  8. Ray Ramos (HU)
    Current point tally:**
  9. Amir 50pts
  10. Pyrolee 28pts
  11. Kobe Bryant 10pts
  12. gootecks 8pts
  13. J.R. Rodriguez 7pts
  14. Ayehood 5pts
  15. Shadini 5pts
  16. IronFist 3pts
  17. Ed Ma 3pts
  18. Victoly 3pts

Thank you to everyone who came out. See you guys in two weeks on May 5th. I put out the video for ranbat 4.2 which can be found at Denjin Video.

damn, amir amirsaleh is beasting.

lol so the pyro/yi ban was in affect.

that shit is pretty weak imo.

good job ray. and to all the rest of the top 8.

Amir is in a class of his own. Keep it up.

Congrats to J.R. He makes Akuma look easy to play.

Good work to Rayzor Raymos. I guess if you do dash up super enough times it’s bound to work.

witch hunt i tell you… witch hunt

Good Job J.R.Rodriguez one of the few akumas that dont play like they lost their testicles.

Hey, if every hit felt like a kick to the testicles, you’d play like that too!

Really curious to see this vid, JR is a lunatic. We’ve all seen him beast at the cal poly tourns. Anyways, any known time the vid will be up?

Oh man…I MUST see this footage when it comes out. J.R.'s still got it apparently.

JR’s crazy.

Last match of the tourney was nuts, amir is indeed on his own level wayy gooder than everyone else.

good shet to amir amirsale, now is his moment, in SBO Team for sure :wink: , but where is pyro??

o.O wtf?

When is the 4.5 video gonna come out?:lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

why did they get banned?

why did they get banned?

they are always out to get the stars u know

They let me play didn’t they?

fucking scrub.