FFA 3s Ranking Battle #4.5 Results - 04/21/07

The owner of FFA won’t tolerate any kind of physical altercation between players. That’s the way it is.

WTF happened with Yi/pyro?

Oh wow, JR got 2nd. Get those vids up quick.

why wont anyone post why they’re banned? Just dancing around the fucking subject, okay cool he won’t tolerate violence did pyro knock out sex?

You’re in Vegas so you should understand this concept.

what happens in FFA, stays in FFA. Unless Yi or Pyro want to speak about it openly.

So just lay off the subject and start practicing for Evo. this is what this site is about right? Playing a video game? Go do it.

YES SIR! :smiley:

I mean it sounds like a pretty big deal being pyro plays only at ffa? So I’ve heard and he’s banned -shrug- aight whatevers :]

Temporary ban, already lifted.

Lol at first when people heard about this “fight” Arlieth tried to have only me banned from SBO, but then it turned out Choi wasn’t having it, so he told the owner that I started the fight or something and the owner ended up banning both of us from one tourney out of the ranbat season.

Oh yeah and I got to explain my side to Arlieth after he already told the owner the story and made his decision based on the info given to him by Arly.

I tried to talk to the owner about it but Arlieth said he didn’t wanna talk to me and it was case closed.

Just people playing favorites IMO

It was a lame ban because I still had a chance to win the Ranbat season :frowning:

Banned from SBO? :confused:

I was rooting for you to win this ranbat season, though.

Yeah lol

Thx so was I

Pyro, if I really wanted you banned from FFA, that wouldn’t have been a problem. Just be careful that nothing like this happens again and you’ll be in good shape. You told me yourself that you were afraid that now, anyone could instigate a ‘physical altercation’ and get you banned at(or before) SBO Quals. For me to allow this to happen would be pretty dumb because it screws over Ricky and Justin (your two teammates who are flying all the way down here) on the day of the tournament, and neither of them deserve that. If you think I’m biased against you, that clearly isn’t my job, or the case.

I know you’re upset about the ban, but we both knew it was a long shot for you to win RanBat since both you and Amir are seeded 1st/2nd and Amir would have to be taken out by a random opponent(not you) before Quarterfinals, twice. You had 28 points, and Amir had 40. The most you could get would be 48 points, with two 1st Place rankings. For Amir, just getting 4th and 2nd (+10), or 1st and nothing (+10) meant that he automatically won.

You’ve still got a great chance at taking SBO Quals and I’m trying to make sure no one jeopardizes that. Right now I’ve got a lot to deal with, especially considering SBO Quals is only two weeks away, and I think our energy is best spent preparing for the tournament. Anyways, good luck at SBO.

Lol I can’t control people’s actions.

My point was that I already got in trouble for defending myself. And if you’re not biased against me why did you want only me banned from SBO? I think we settled this though already and cleared up any personal vendetta you held from last year.

I felt that the ban penalized me more than Yi.

Well I think we cleared up the reason (bias) that caused you to try to get only me banned from SBO. So hopefully everything is legitimate now.

Yeah, we’re clear on all that. Actually, the personal bias that you thought it was isn’t quite what it appears to be, I’ll tell you about it some time.

As for the ban penalizing you more than Yi, that’s true, it did hurt you more since Yi had few points and no shot for 1st. Unfortunately, that’s the FFA owner’s judgment (nailing both you guys to the cross as an example).


Right, but his judgment was influenced by the initial information you gave him which was not established.