FFA 3s Tourney 9/27

Here’s the results:

I don’t have the full results with me, I’ll have to go back later and get them. However I’ll update this thread once I get them.

1st Place: JR
2nd: Gootecks
3rd: Dae (Jo50/ Jocound)
4th: Jeremiah

The tournament bracket was misplaced, sorry about that. However, I can say who signed up:

Dae (Jocund)

As most of you know, the tournament was done as a fundraiser. JamMasterJom lost his friend, Mario, and Mario’s family was short money for his burial.

We raised $100 from this tournament.

JR got $50 as a first place prize, and Gootecks and Dae both received $10 in quarters as a consolation.

There were some great matches going on. I think Strider_Zero recorded the losers finals and the grand finals on his camcorder, so there’s a chance to get to see those matches.

I hope you guys look forward to our biweeklies coming up. There will be a direct feed and we’re planning on replacing the springs inside of the new sticks we’ve got to harder ones which will make them much more favorable :wgrin:. Happ is just terrible when it comes to shipping, though, so we’ll install them as soon as we get them in.

For those of you who quit 3S for the massive Twinkle Star Sprites competition going on, you might want to consider going out of retirement :wink:.

Damn I really wish I could have made it but I had an emergency.

Glad that you guys managed to raise some money for the cause.

Wait, did you just say TWINKLE STAR SPRITES? WHERE?

I should probably run a Twinkle Star Sprites tournament with a side 3s tournament.

I know TSS is a great game, but don’t forget your roots! Speaking of roots, we will be having HD:Remix at FFA when it comes out.

big thanks again to nathan and ralph, everything makes the difference guys and you have helped an incredible amount

4th place! :woot:

Edit : Wait… 4th place? Nevermind.


Awesome, thanks a lot.