FFA 5/2 3S NBA Playoffs Tourney

So I think I am going to have this weekend off and be at home and I would like to run an event.

Some background, all I’ve been doing is watching the NBA Playoffs, 4 fucking games a day all day every day. 40 games 40 nights.

Anyways, this event is a 16 man singles tourney, ran exactly the same way as the NBA playoffs. Two seperate 8 man brackets determine 1 winner from each bracket to play in the finals. This is single elim, however every match is 4 out of 7 between 2 players to determine who moves on, just like the NBA playoffs. The bracket will be made randomly.

So in light of the big boy cabinet and since this tourney can only have 16 players, I’ve to name the players in this event, because they are big boys or friends/family.

  1. Me
  2. Pyrolee
  3. Sextaro
  4. Victoly
  5. Gootecks
  6. Edma
  7. Renic
  8. Shadini
  9. Kai… only b/c he is getting me laker tickets
  10. JR Rodriguez
  11. Adolfo
  12. Ironfist (Arlieth has given his spot to Ironfist b/c of his superior math skills)
  13. Regency spot
  14. Popular vote spot
  15. Undecided
  16. Last min quals

So there will be 4 spots open. These are the people who I guess are considered BIG BOYS, not that there are not others who I consider big boys, but they usually don’t show up (Watson).

Anyways, I would like to give my favorite arcade besides FFA… Regency one spot. So please, decide amongst yourselves, maybe your Wednesday night thing that you guys have. 1 spot will be a nomination spot, the person who gets the most nominations gets the spot, yes this is a popularity contest(you can only vote ONCE!!). And the last 2 spots, come to FFA at 4pm on Saturday to play for it.

Ok well that is all, entry fee will be $5 for this. NBA ftw. Bye

Oh… and I also need a photographer to take some action shots. Let me know if you would like to volunteer your services

GOD… do I ever get the date right? Its May 3rd SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY

Are you gonna have a scrub tourney for the other spots?

Sounds like a good time!

Oh I also forgot to mention something. There has to be home court advantage in this… so the best example I can give is…

Kai vs JR play… they both want the 2p side. They flip, lets say Kai wins. He can’t hog that side… he can only be on that side for Games 1 and 2… Games 5 and 7 *IF necessary. JR would get the 2p side for Games 3, 4 and 6… JUST LIKE THE NBA!! So you see Kai gets home court advantage because… he has the 2p side for a deciding game 7 *if necessary.

Sounds like a bad idea to me. Those spots should be for Watts, Valle, John D, Amir, Frankie3s, etc unless they all agree to not come.

I vote for DANDER, but since his account is banned, it doesn’t really matter anymore

Shit, I have work until 7 that day.:sad: I vote Lenin3s/Dandruff as well.

For the love of God, please don’t let Ray get the RFC spot!

Can’t make it. Tony for the popular spot!

Go tony go for regency spot. And I vote for Vinny for popular vote (I have to he is my son).

Oh man…and I really thought this would’ve been on May 2nd. Can’t make it (and I would’ve done photography, too).

Win or go home…to gay porn.

I nominate Vinny.

I nominate me. But if I can’t nominate myself, I’ll nominate tony from regency. As for the Regency spot, I’d rather leave it up to yi to decide.

ugh :zzz:

And I nominate Dander

  1. Tony. Reason being: It’s more exciting to watch him play, rather than Lenin.
  2. Vinny. Reason being: His Ken is more consistent than Lenin’s.
  3. Anyone but Lenin. Reason being: :rofl:



why no scrub tourney for a spot? i wanna play against vinny, lenin and whoever else is getting nominated for a spot just cuz it’d be really fun to compete for it. i think allot of people wanna play for spots too, n get some motivation to level up more.

also it would make having a scrub tournament for this situation would have more weight to it than scrub tournaments normally do because the winner of it would go onto the top player tournament to see how they do.

i see gootecks’ point about wanting those big names in the tournament but there should be at least ONE spot that is played for imo. do it for the huuungry!!

i nominate james aka the bean.

i can’t make it to this

edit: giving my spot to dario

I’m gonna give the regency spot to EL GUAPO if you guys don’t play for it tonight.

If you guys wanna play for it… come at 4pm… but theres gotta be entry fee involved. Good?


we’ll play for it wednesday then. If it is HAS to be tonight give the Regency spot to Vinny, because Vinny would make for a stronger and more entertaining player than Ray. I’m still at work at 4 as are most of the regency players with the exclusion of the few that are still in class or not working. coughraycough