FFA 5on5 Tentative 4/20

Since everyone is a pussy and doesn’t want to play for money.

Let’s just have a standard 5on5. double elim pokemon format. $50 per team.

4/19/2008, 5pm start time

I will only sign up 8 teams so if you are not signed up here, you cannot play.

There are no rules regarding this tourney. Please stack your teams as you wish.

Team money makin makotos

reset/xsonic/kenneth i (all mak usage)

(awaiting ken i to confirm/actually read this post haha)

open to challenge if ken joins

if the team is all makoto ill take that.

i’m piss poor broke and i don’t like to owe people $

unless you wanna do it like last time at AI where Kai put up $50 for me and said if i lost oh well

What happened to the first format?

this format is retarded.

Tentacle your ass


Me Vic Ryan

5on5 please

someone want me?

Let me guess… Team Rush down?

Portland Blazers.

Porkland Blazers

ok i managed to find $4.78 in change, i’ll look for some pennies in my car later…i guess i can play ONE of these…michael f. you wanna team up?

Greatest 3 Team Team Tournament Ever!

Dander I don’t have a camera so you’ll have to imagine a turtle that’s the size 40 lb. peach with asparagus stuck into it for legs and the biggest shiznit piece of broccoli you’ve ever seen as the head…

…oh and the tail would prolly be just a 5 week old piece of dog feces that has been laid out in the sun forever sprinkled with glitter and sprayed with Calvin Klein cologne for about 5 minutes and then just superglued onto the back.


WTF? :confused:

me and a friend once spray painted a bunch of dog shit in his backyard. I don’t think anyone has ever seen a turd glow, but add some metallic gold spray paint to a beastly shit and you got a museum quality showroom piece.




I’m speechless.