FFA 5on5 Tentative 4/20

Man, what’s the address for FFA? I’d love to go to this 'cuz I’m sure no one wants a Remy player . I’d just like to see this shit go down : )

10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344

If there is not enough teams that sign up, I will have to postpone the 5on5 for another date and change the format to probably 3on3.

SO please sign up if you plan on playing.

We’ve really only got two teams so far?

what you can’t read either? fucking idiot



but seriously I only asked because I assumed you’d have team, as well as pyro. Maybe Amir.
Ryan usually gathers a team fairly quickly too.

Yes, thats 1 team.

If it becomes 3v3…

Team Welcome Back Alex assemble.


Team Yi is my Bitch because I got him Laker tickets.

lol i like the sound of that


i think we should just do a night of money match teams singles whatever and record that nasty shit.

Money match night! $10 min. per match/player. No crying!

not happening then right?

might still show up anyway though. See you all there.

FFA 3on3 Tonight most likely.

Show up everyone