FFA 6/23 3s Team and Singles Results!


1st: Pyrolee (Yun)
2nd: Amir (Chun)
3rd: Arlieth (Pinkoto)
4th: Sextaro (Makorange)
5th: Gootecks (Urien)
5th: Kai (Chun)
7th: Ironfist (Dudley)
7th: Adolfo
9th: Ehud
9th: Andrew
9th: Sanchez
9th: Zerogunner
12th: Ray Ramos
12th: Jon R
12th: Muffin Man
12th: Jeremiah

Actually, I can’t remember the team tourney… i think it was Pyro./Amir, 5Star/Sextaro, Arly/Marvin for top three.

yeah team tourney was:

  1. pyro/amir
  2. sex/5star
  3. arly/universe

Team tourney was a lot of fun, but everyone was burnt out for singles, maybe 2 tourneys in 1 day is just too much lol.

it was the 2 hours gap between em that fucked me up.


Good Times

I don’t think anything was taped.

Underage Panda Express chick was cute. GG’s to all.

Lol Eva


Guess everybody met her.

Pyro knows her name.


ok see ya later.

Haha she had a nametag that said Eva

Arly secretly went back with Pyro to find out both her name and phone number.

Unfortunately she was underage so they proceeded to give the number to Kai.

Did Tom try to get her number for reals? Lol Tom you slycat…got a thing for the waitresses/girls in the food business?

DIRECT QUOTE FROM KEN I AKA SEXTARO WHILE WE EATING AT PANDA. we were talking about how Amir is an optimistic person.

(keep in mind Ken said this being completely serious and while the group was having a serious conversation about a fortune cookie, lol)
Ken I says : Amir I can prove your optimistic. You could have horse sh1t down your throat and an octopus shoved up your ass and you would still be happy.

Then our heads explode.

You forgot about getting an Atomic Wedgie after the octopus.

Tom is sneaky sneaky, he was telling me how he was too old to touch her, but I saw him leave and run across the street in middle of the tournament.

Pyro let’s DoTa it up.

Hah, I fail at life. :lol:

Msg me on aim sometime for a game: pyrolee

gj zerogunner, last minute teams own. :china:

GGs Devil X and yeah they do.

Arlieth - I didn’t realize til now that the singles results is messed up. Jeremiah tied for ninth not me. I tied for 12th.


who was the underage girl? i guess i must have missed her…i just remember a 5’ nothing, 250 lb. server at the panda