FFA 7/21/07 3s/MvC2/AC Results!

First off, a thank you to Game Net TV for coming down! That was really cool to be featured, we really appreciate it!

Here’s the results, top 3 (extended results to come later)

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
1st: Sir Bobby Blake aka Amir (Chun)
2nd: Pyrolee (Yun)
3rd: Sextaro Inoue (Makoto)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
1st: Finesse
2nd: Reset
3rd: Dark Prince

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core
1st: Sextaro Inoue (Papa Voltron Smurf Potemkin)
2nd: Hellmonkey (Sexy Sexy Baiken)
3rd: Def1n1tely (I’m A Barbie Girl Millia)

sexy sexy, apparently


wow, amir edging out pyro yet again.

I need the footage of me vs. Reset where he barley beats my ryu/ken/zangief with santhrax…in the words of Ruben…Ken is wayyyyyyy butta than Sentinel…

Marvel Extended Results

14 entries

1st Finesse
2nd Reset
3rd Dark Prince
4th Amir
6th Mike Ross
6th Thomas
8th Chip
8th Clockw0rk Jr
12th Mr Pasedena
12th Mike Chaos
12th Joe Zaza
12th BB Hood
14th Rico
14th Illan Jr

Tourney started around 8:15(I think) and ended 10 something(I think). The fastest tourney I have ever ran. Thanks Richard and Tom for getting the machines set to tourney mode and helping with making the brackets. Nothing was recorded though :^(

Good matches, good tournament.

That was one of the smoothest Ive ever seen.Great job for putting it together. There was some sexy action all around

i recorded that match as well as three matches of
mag/sent/psylocke vs wolviex2/sent


finesse vs dark prince

and one of the matches of finesse vs reset(2nd match i believe)
I would have recorded more if i had known that they weren’t going to record and if I had a better spot for the later matches

I quit 3rd strike.

good shit loren.

It’s Lauren and if you’re gonna be in my fan club you have to put “I vote fanatiq captain of team 3” in your signature.

Little known fact: Lauren means “the queen.”