FFA 7/22 Mid-Tier Tourney Results

Forty-something players total, with 110 degree heat both inside and outside. Good thing FFA has carpet; if it were tiled floor, I could’ve skated on the sweat.

Mad props to MutantXP, EricxChin, Gootecks, Amir, Jeremiah and Shogo for helping to run the event.

1st: Ehud (Ken)
2nd: Mike Z. (Makoto)
3rd: Rob “King of Interface Scrubs” Greco
4th: Gootecks
6th: EricxChin
6th: Reset
8th: Trippy
8th: Finesse (O_O)
12th: Leo
12th: Jeremiah
12th: Tony
12th: Ty
16th: Jose 2.0
16th: Willy (R.U.N.)
16th: Ray Ramos
16th: Adam
24th: Adolfo
24th: Ironfist
24th: Dirty Sanchez
24th: Chris
24th: Thongboy Bebop
24th: Will
24th: Jerry
24th: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Best quote of the night: “Awww, this means that Ehud’s girlfriend gets to eat sushi tonight and Mike and I only get tacos ~_~” -Mike Z’s girlfriend

MVP: Finesse for ranking top 8 in a game he doesn’t even play

Against All Odds: Rob Greco placing 3rd

Sadly Missed: Neiman, Dario, Slimelord

Guys who are probably going to be murdered tonight by their girlfriends for making them stay all day in a nuclear hotbox full of sweaty gamers: Louis, Trippy

Team Tourney Afterwards: 9 teams, I lost the goddamn brackets but here’s top three:

Team Hax0rz: Pyrolee, Amir, Ray Ramos
Team Three Kings: Frankie3s, Ehud, Shadini
Team Ed and the Mas: Ed Ma, Gootecks, MutantXP

Sad news: No footage of this tourney, there were some sickass matches but we didn’t prepare for it properly (it being like, two months since our last tourney). We’ll get it right next time.

Being at FFA was like stepping into a damn oven.

Other than that, good shit. Met Arlieth, Ed Ma, Shogo, and I played MikeMenace. It’s all good.

Go go MikeZ! grats on the silver.

was it SA3 only? anyone know?

He switched to SA2 for the finals.

GG’s to all.

Thanks for throwing this, it was really fun, minus the riDONKulous heat. Good shit to everyone I played, especially Tony and Suppaa. I hope to come to FFA more often in the future.

no pupil of mine (ehud) should be considered mid tier…

he should be disqualified and his prize money taken away

reset has been playing like 8 months! wow nice job foo


i would have won this tourny

It was a lot of fun except for the beyond godlike heat.

gg to the blistering heat and humidity that is ffa during the day. no more daytime summer tourneys :wasted:

LOL :clap:
Thanks Tom!

I had a lot of fun at this tourney (despite the blistering heat). GG’s to all the people I played and shout outs to Suppaa and Adam – zap yo dumb ass! :rofl:

yeah haha mid afternoon was the worst, i think that was the hottest i have even been…

gj to mike zaemon for getting my hopes up, and to ehud for beasting

good stuff Ehud!

gg’s to all. pyrolee had a 31 win streak before stopping to go somewhere. best game of the night was leo and gootecks, imo. tom turned on beast mode when he played our team and ocv’d us. shout outs to trippy and suppaa. don’t you know who the fuck I am?

I remember this one dude telling me when he went up to a 3S cab, and it felt as though someone poured a bottle of baby oil all over the stick and buttons. So much sweatyness.

Lies! I only played Abare the final game of the finals cuz my fiancee told me to. (^.^)

Mike Z

hey mike, my friend ivan thanks you for helping teach him tanden. and as for me, i’ve been trying to get him off tanden for weeks. thanks. :wgrin:

wtf, how was I at this tourney when I was in san diego at Comic Con? Haha


Not like this will get me anything.

you guys are all faggots

lmao are you talking about me? sup man. are you the dude with the little brother who plays dudley?

im vietnamese dudley/hugo guy. i swear dude was it hot as fuck or what lol.