FFA 8/11/07 HMCset vs Iron Sentinel Force Money Match

Yep, now that I’m back on the grind it’s time to get hype. Brought to you in part by Mike Ross…we have Soo/Reset/Potter vs. Finesse/Illan/Dark Prince. The fade is $100 per person. 2/3 each player beat the team twice. This goes down at FFA this saturday at 9:30 PM. Get your side bets goin…Special guest referee is…Combofiend. Shogo will fix the sticks before the match.

what happened to dc_static?

LOLOLOL i can honestly say, im more pumped for this then the wc vs ec 5 on 5.

Why not have it on console since evo is gonna be on console. That way there’s no more bitching about ffa sticks, and also advantages by ffa regulars.

Oh…Reset Freeeeee. I don’t think Potter and Soo will have to play. Bring a book guys.

im not going to ffa. Fuck that. I’d rather give my 100 to the staff to install new buttons/sticks. LOL

hahahaha good shit!

So not going down?

not at ffa

we can do this shit at psm today.


The match did not happen with finesse. Maybe DP got some else to substitute him for him.

there was no match up, only matches between dp vs potter and dp vs deus

who? oh you mean dues