-=FFA 8/11 MVC2 Ranking Battle Results=-

this tournament was completely out of hand…like b-b-ba–BAAAM! top five went

1st - Soo Mighty
2nd - ACE
3rd - Mike Ross
4th - G $$$
5th - Finesse

i’ll post the rest in a minute, the zone tired me out at the bowling alley…4 games with a 35 pound zone-ball is totally nuts…good shit from everyone!!! shit is fucking real out here one week before evo! Jose brought A-Game and Disco beat Danny! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

oh and PS Wong did not show up at this tournament but east coast did bring the beast with Flash Metroid, Justin Wong did let me borrow his socks to go bowling though, ill wash those mother fuckers and give em back to you on wednesday

G fucking $$$!!! Thanks for running it! GG’s to everyone & cya all in Vegas!

in the zone



chunksta didnt get top 5 again? dam, hes slippin

edit: soo was on fire, havent seen him play that good since 2003. im not on his nuts, im just sayin what i saw.

And Soo was sandbaggin. I fear how many people he’ll rape this evo. Im on his nuts, im just sayin what i saw.

norcal didnt make this

yeah chunksta didnt do good this tournament

maybe next time

soo played like chuck norris playing air hockey on mescaline against a bunch of 12 year olds in a mall

still haven’t deciphered my brackets, for some reason during the tourney its legible and then afterwards it looks like greek…but here are the final ranking points going in to evo, the west coast is looking deep! good luck to everyone at evo and you are all the shiznit, let’s have 5 of top 8 west coast! it looks like Mike Ross is Team Captain :stuck_out_tongue: PEACE

Mike Ross - 7 pts
G $$$ - 7 pts
Soo Mighty - 5 pts
DUC DO - 5 pts
CHUNKSTA - 5 pts
Ace - 4 pts
Anthoneeeezy - 4 pts
Amir - 3 pts
Larry $ - 2 pts
Finesse - 1 pt (bowling pro)
Orochi - 1 pt
Dark Prince (Duc Jr.) - 1 pt

at long last

1st - Soo Mighty
2nd - ACE
3rd - Mike Ross
4th - G $$$
5th - Finesse
6th - Amir
7th - Reset
8th - Arthur
9th - Disco
10th - Darrell
11th - Flash Metroid
12th - Erik
13th - Mike Z
14th - Doom
15th - Danny
16th - Jose
17th - Raul
18th - Ken i
19th - Omar
20th - Ilan
21st - Mag
22nd - Erik
23rd - Chuck Norris
24th - James

make it happen G$$$!