FFA 8/12 Singles Tourney Results

30 Entrants, Double Elim. Started way later than expected even though we told everyone it was (probably) going to start at 3, then 4, then 5, then 6. Goddamn you slugs.

1st: Pyrolee
2nd: The Gay Bear
3rd: Shadini
4th: 100% ArlyJuice
5th: Sextaro Inoue
5th: Gootecks
7th: Cinco Star Jr.
7th: Yes, THAT Mike Z
9th: Brandon
9th: Mutant XP
9th: Calipower (Left in middle of Tourney)
9th: Don Sneddon
13th: Trippy
13th: Mr. Universe
13th: Mt.SAC Kid
13th: Leon

Ran into some technical issues with recording, so we might not have sound on the video. Still, there were some great matches, and Shadini was on fire that night. Up until he got mauled by the gay bear under the table on Chun Li’s stage.

Fun tourney! Lots of sick matches, too bad I had to leave before it was over :sad: . GG’s to all the people I played. Can’t wait for the vids :bgrin:

fuck you tom

And Amir was saying that he would’ve lost Chun to Chun against Shadini, too.

the gay bear…

It was fun, even though I only played two or three rounds. Sorry to the dude I beat right before I left, I think it was Lenin (?). I wish I could’ve stayed, but I had to catch the bus back to UCLA and it stops running at like 8pm. Hopefully future tournaments will start a little earlier, but I guess that’s just the way it goes.