FFA Airdashers Thread (BB, GG, MvC3, AH3, etc.) ver. 2.0 - Tourney on 4/17!

This thread is for your general fast-paced, high-flying, endless comboing sub-genre of fighting games, (aka Airdashers) played at FFA.

A lot of us from dustloop have been meeting together to play, so I figure I’ll start an SRK thread and get you guys involved, too.

We meet every Thursday night (generally sometime after 8PM) for casuals, and have a tournament every other Sunday.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Guilty Gear XX ? Core
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Arcana Heart 3
Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire
Melty Blood: Actress Again
random doujin fighters

I own Nathen’s Hat

Last night was pretty beast. I’m going to practice more AH3!

GGs Rotanibor, ShinATProof, Raptor, Gamerboy, and Amanita!

You should squeeze XvSF in there.

FFA has 4 MvC3 console cabinets up and running now. We are still building our specific dedicated cabinets, but for now we have others set up. Our big screen has JP sticks, and our middle cabinet has American sticks but has a USB port so that you can plug in your own controller (360). The other two cabinets are American.

Dae, I miss you man. Haven’t seen you in forever. We should chill when I come down there in a couple weeks.

When the dedicated cabs get put into place can you please take detailed pics. Just curious on how it looks. Better yet, if you want to take pics while they’re being built that would be awesome. I’ll be down there for this tourney. See you all then.

-Tha Hindu

I’ll be down at FFA for casuals this Thursday. I’ve been practicing my Akane in AH3 and I want some good competition!

Wow, I just saw that the tourney was this Sunday. Man, that’s a little soon to be having a mvc3 tourney. I was hoping that there would be one either the following Saturday or Sunday. Guess I’ll have to duck out of this one.

Also, on another note, the FFA website needs to be updated.

-Tha Hindu

We have an airdasher tournament every other week. It felt kind of pointless to run a TvC tournament when MvC3 is out. Plus, most hardcore players have had the game for a week now, a week and a half when the tournament starts.

The tournament went well. I updated the tournament thread a little. Will update everything else some more when I get some time.


Great turn-out for MvC3 and surprisingly VS.

Results and tournament stuff here:


hey guys. sorta off topic, but does anyone have a stick for the xbox360 that they want to sell? i just picked up my console and copy of mvc3, but i have no stick. if you have one for sale, if you make sticks, or whatever the case may be, let me know!

oh, and i want/need a stick with only 6 buttons. the 8 button sticks really mess me up.

thank you gents!

I’ll be at FFA on Thursday for casuals. Probably starting around 8pm. I’m bringing AH3, too! Anyone else going?

My Petra is supreme!

GGs to everyone I played last night. Shout outs to Shin and Seungpyo for some great matches in Guilty. Rotanibor, show up for more Arcana Heart 3 action!

I’ll be around tomorrow for casuals. Mostly for GG, AH and MB.

See you guys there, and don’t forget the tournament Sunday!

Good to see everyone there. Got some great games in on Guilty Gear. Great seeing some new faces around for Melty Blood!