FFA Arcade Battle Results

What a fun night and thanks to all the teams that came out and played their best.

DUDLEY vs RYU Tourney

There were a total of 22 Ryu players, and 18 Dudley players.

Ryu beats Dudley with 4 Ryu players not having played.

Vinny beats Victoly to win it for Ryu.

Arcade Battle Results

  1. Team FFA OLD
    5 Star (KE)
    VictoLy (DU)
    pyrolee (YU)

  2. Team FFA NEW
    Ed o Ma (KE)
    Aye-HOOD (KE)
    gootecks (UR)

  3. Team Super Arcade
    mt. sac kid (KE)
    Arnel (UR)
    Reset (KE)

tied for 4th:

Team 7 Eleven WORLDWIDE
Mr. Universe (UR)
Trippy (YA)
ericXchin (YU)

JR Rodriguez (GO)
gamegenyee (CH)
Ken player sorry I didn’t get your name (KE)

Team James Games
Mike (RY)
Brandon (GO)
Andy (YU)

I have the brackets and I’ll get the full results up later. I have all the videos, I just need to find someone to edit them for me. I have some real good footage, every match of the DUDLEY vs RYU, every match of the Arcade Battle tourney and I have the random 2on2 tournament after everything that was very exciting as well with all the top players.

I will try to get the videos out in 2 weeks, please stay tuned. Just need to find someone to edit them.

Good games, we will see you all again in 2 weeks for the 3on3 RAY RAMOS RULE tourney. Thanks for the help Tom, Lenin and Dae.

nice tourny. Huge turnout for the 2(3?4?) tournaments that were actually held. Nice to see veek out. Now just to get kingraoh out and thats bkd rite there.

hail super

I had a lot of fun. The arcade battle should be a recurring tourney. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming FFA tourneys. GG’s all.

the top teams arent even rep your area teams… you guys are always so wrapped up in winning why even bother making teams that are supposedly from a certain area?? like team cal poly would be gootecks, vic, pyro… not new ffa old ffa crap. ayehood with like with yi on a team would make more sense then him with ed and ryan. anyways you guys run your tourneys as you like, but if you are really gonna have a tourney titled “rep your hood” you should do so. good shit to riverside and james games for keepin it real.

and where the fuck is ray ramos and team regency??? :slight_smile:

I was the nameless ken player on team UCLA. Things all went downhill after my fuckup midscreen taunt.


GGs to all, casuals/Dudley Ryu tourney/arcade battle.

Vinny is the new golden boy.

Believe in JesusJohn.

“i can’t play at 1p side”, go back to China…

great tourney, i really enjoyed, and Watts, thing didnt work out really good for us, till nest time baby.

Had a fun time. gg’s to everyone

ggs my dudley is horrible but i wiiiin, good seeing everybody, see you all at the next team tourney:wgrin:

Pyro didnt play a single match in either tourny.

edit: Ty dont kill me for getting beasted.

ggs see everyone in 2 weeks

EDIT: isn’t it a standard 3v3 for the next ranbat?

why didn’t somebody give me the heimlich? i was choking all night. i’m really proud of my team mates you guys did really well. next time i’ll be ready i promise. also to clarify, what are ray raymos rules again? can we assemble a team of 2 and then a top player gets put in it?

GG’s all :smile:

i hate you kai :annoy:

good games and good matches to everyone

Watts, you guys missed out man, it was a lot of fun! Teams were made based on where the heart is/was. Many players could have played for several arcades based on where they play, but in the end, everybody wanted to play where their heart is/was.

For example, yes a Cal Poly team coulda had me, Vic and Pyro, but when Yi asked me if I thought Cal Poly should have a team, I said no because nobody over there plays anymore, and I knew Vic and Pyro don’t consider themselves Cal Poly players. Personally I don’t either because even though I played a lot at Cal Poly, playing at FFA is what got me to level up.

Another example is Ty, who could have played for FFA New, but instead decided to be captain of Interface (and then decided not to come at all because of work). Also there was Kai, who could have also played for FFA New, Camelot or AI, but played for AI because his heart is not at FFA.

FFA Old and New were made because there is a clear generation gap between old school FFA players and the new school ones. The pool of new players got extremely small because Ty and Kai wanted their own teams, so it was basically down to me, Ehud, Jeremiah (who was sick), Dario (who I hadn’t seen in a while) and Amir (who went to AZ).

The bottom line is that all the players understood that you should be playing from the arcade where your heart is and you guys really shoulda come out and played for SHGL or Monterey Park because it was a lot of fun.


hey guys… i will make a post about the up coming 3on3 in the pac south thread. stay tuned