FFA CVS2 Ranbat Results

Good tourney. Hope more people can come out for the next one.

1st - Amir 10 pts
2nd- Combofiend 7 pts
3rd- J ‘Dirteh’ Cole 5 pts
4th- Sanchez 3 pts

Next tourney will be Fri sept 22nd, Starts at 8pm!!!

All these events will be recorded just like 3s ranbats (with special commentary flavor lol). You can find them up on Denjin-video.com

Thanks to Shogo and Arleith for setting everything up and allowing me to start these Bi-weekly tourneys. You guys own.


who doesnt like matchvidz, I sure do. I checked the denjin-video.com the other day and didnt find the cvs2 vid, hasnt it come yet? or does it lie under a other category than the 3s vids? would like to se it…