FFA CVS2 Results 2/6/09 We had fun!


congrats to willy for kicking my ass :wgrin:

We had a great tourney, Unfortunately some people had to leave early since the tourney was being run in one setup cause the other one was in bad shape. I will try to have the other setup working for our next one (this saturday) Thanks to arman and francisco who contributed to the pot and the cause :clown: we had 16 participants, so hopefully we get more people for the next one. Special Thanks to Strider Zero for taking the time and talent to record the semi and grand finals. :china:
anyway, i lost the bracket, so I will try to list everyone so forgive me if I misplace you guys. I will post the link to the videos once striderzero uploads them.

1st. willy
2nd: sanchez
3rd: Cesar
4th:The Muffin man
5th: Anthony
6th: JC
7th: Paul
8th: Chago
9th: RM
10th: francisco?
11th: XXX
12th: XXX
13th: I don’t know
14th: I don’t know
15th: I don’t know
16th: I don’t know


Hey, I just replaced the sticks on the showcase cabinet (not the head to head) with Happ Competitions and brand new switches, using stiff springs (probably taken from 360s). Let me know how they are.



good shit on placing!


thank you pig you are the best!


thanks dude, thats going to make things alot faster lol


Here is the play list or what I was able to record Im not sure if I had the winners final


Awesome to see SoCal having events for cvs2. Good shit Sanchez! Props to willy as well for winning with such a unique team.


aww fuck i missed out on this one, SANCHEZZZZZZ!!!

Good shit to willy and all the placers!


sup warzard! hope you make it to one of these :bgrin: also check your pm.


thank you striderzero for the recording …the audio editing is awesome!!! good shit!!!


Thanks dude, keep having them and maybe me and a few people from norcal will make a road trip of it! BTW I didn’t see any new pms from you, maybe there was an error or something.


sup man!!! hope you make it to the next one this sat! you enter sf4/cvs2 combo! :smokin:


Come to the Dark Side Luke!

Thanks to everyone that participated! It was nice to see some unique teams in there! Extreme thanks to striderzer0 for taping semi-finals and up! Love you Sanchez :hitit:


Shall we see the return of Evil Elvis in the CvS2 scene?

Freakin’ Willy coming out of nowhere to take it. He still got it!

Muff Mizzle, your C-Groove Honda + Balrog = JC’s team bent over and having to take it with no vaseline. Good shit.

Sanchez + A Tournament Bracket = CvS2 lives on! Good shit, man!


Good shit, Sanchez!