FFA CvS2 Results [7-9-05]

17 Entrants for a spur of the moments CvS2 tourney.

Single Elim, Single Game format provided for entertaining matches, even though the CvS2 cabinet wasn’t quite up to tournament standards.


1)COMBO FIEND: A- Rock/Akuma, Rolento, 2 Eagle.

2)Evil Elvis: A- Sagat, Ken, 2 Sak.

3)Muffin Man: K- Ryu, Bison, 2 Sagat
3)Amir: A- Blanka, Sakura, 2 Bison

Tourney was fun.
Highlights include:

  1. WindyMan blowing down Edma with Maki
  2. Amir beating Willy by a pixel of life in the first round
  3. Me winning a pixel after a timeout in the finals
  4. Muffin Man rushing me the fuck down while I played on the shitty side.

good shit peter

good shit peter,keep holding weight.